Nightmare on Adams street

Posted: September 2, 2013 in WTF?

This was a nightmare week for me, on Monday 9/26/2013 a young man of 19 was murdered 50 feet from my bedroom. On august 28, 2013 my daddy died and I began not sleeping, I think I have had maybe 9 hours of sleep since Monday.

Now here is where my story takes a turn for the worst, My sister which is the oldest and her husband finally arrive a day and a half later and I go over to greet them as they get out of the car, my mind is already in a major brain fart and the brother in law starts asking me questions about finding the list of names and phone numbers daddy had so I could call some of the people on it (there was no list only 16 pcs of scraps of paper with scribbled names and phone numbers on them) he talks so fast and changes subjects all in a span of 25 seconds and my mind which is in a major brain fart has to think a minute before I get the right answer but in the mean time he gets a bit snippy so yes I said “yes I called the uncle in question and then said “what do you think I am stupid or something?” that is BUTTON # 1 pushed with me.

The story gets worse from there, we sit down and I am trying to catch my sister up with all the details and the brother in law keeps talking over me so I have to talk louder so she can hear me, then the brother in law starts making comments that sounds something like this “I think your making stuff up dad wouldn’t say something like that” BUTTON # 2 just got pushed! being the person that I am and being annoyed I turned to him and said “you need to stay out of this because it is about me and my sister so shut the fuck up.

All hell breaks lose at this point, the brother in law says “I am more family than you will ever be OH HELL NO! I lost it at this point this fight is ON I said plenty and so did he, then I said to my sister she needed to get in the real world and tell her husband to butt out and to stop being so wimpy by letting him get away with his shit. NOW I’M the bad guy because I made my sister cry to add insult to injury they then go around telling every one that I came over there as they arrived just to start a fight and never telling what started it in the first place. They have made me feel invisible this whole time right down to the funeral director at the arrangements being made, yes I know the oldest is the one who should handle most things, but to come in there and insist on all his mail, credit cards and taking over as if I was some dumb ass is just plain rude with no regard to my feelings what so ever and start throwing out daddy’s things just didn’t feel right to me he was not even in the ground yet.

My daddy bought me a house to live in when I moved here and I was taking care of him, his eye sight was failing and he needed someone to help him, he did this because he signed his house over to be held when he had to place my mother in a nursing home and he knew that when he passed the state would take his house to recover money that they paid in Medicaid for my mothers nursing home care and he wanted to do this so I would have a home no one could take away from me, he then told his brother why he did it and a few others so they too would know, besides what daddy did with his money while he was alive and of sound mind is no ones business any ways I NEVER ask him for any thing he gave it freely.

My sister thinks it is unfair that I got a house long before his death, and that I am taking his pick up truck and I should get half of what ever is left after all his bills and expenses are paid and yes maybe it is a bit unfair but my house was a loving gift from daddy. A GIFT not part of his estate, the estate is what assets he has at time of death am I right? if I am wrong then someone tell me so.

I will say this again yes maybe I did get more from my daddy than my sister but I never ask daddy for anything and he loved it that I was finally where I could be home and stable without having to drive the big rig and be on the road all the time. There is no room for jealousy and that’s what this all boils down to pure and simple so all I can say is GET OVER IT!

Do I expect things to go as they should? NO do I really care? NO if it don’t the fight will on again, will I be the bad guy? YES will I win? YES

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