United States should mind it’s own business

Posted: September 2, 2013 in General

I can only speak for myself on the topic of Syria at this time and I really hate talking about politics, but the talks of a strike against Syria concerns me as I am sure it does many citizens not only here in the US but other countries as well. What good does it do for us once again to stick our nose into other countries business? Do we as rational human beings really believe that we should be the ones to give a slap on the wrist as a warning to a war that’s none of our business either? what we need to do is shore up our defenses here to make sure non of their crap comes flying our way, keep watch in our back yard and let those people over there just kill each other, war is all they know any way and it will be that way till some country or all of us nuke each other

On a humorous note just for laughs: The first lady needs to slap her husband and tell him to sit down and mind his own business and shut the hell up


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