Sister’s obsession is driving me batty

Posted: September 5, 2013 in General

I’ll admit that my parents kept papers of all kinds out the wazoo ok? there are receipts dating back to 1946 and maybe even earlier, she keeps telling me she needs my help going through all those papers and I keep thinking why? she is obsessed with finding all his account numbers on stuff, but the truth of the matter is she already has those numbers, close those accounts burn all the papers that are just eating up her time and move on to something else. The one thing she claims she did not find was the title for the truck and I know that would have never been misplaced and should have been in his main safe box, I can file a lost title and get another copy so I can transfer the truck to my name so that is no biggie, I just wish she would take the simple route and just burn all the papers, good grief don’t make something more complicated than it needs to be right? I bet if someone digs deep enough they might even find a saved gum wrapper or some other item from when they was kids who knows  and who cares, just get rid of all the papers and receipts of crap they don’t even own any more such as washing machines that are long dead and gone or refrigerator’s long dead and gone etc  they spent days going through every paper and I don’t care so I have not helped I don’t waste my time with petty things, I say burn it all

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