Stab me in the back again?

Posted: September 28, 2013 in General

Of all the crap I’ve been going through with the death of my Dad, my sister taking every thing that daddy had and putting the screws to me royally, now I have a nosey neighbor who insist on inflicting even more pain about my daddy than I could have ever imagined possible. She comes up with some allegations that she says my daddy told her that I will never believe because my daddy was not a  person who would confide in someone of her nature (meaning she was a mooch of money from my dad till I put a stop to it) I won’t say what she said he said about me but I know this one fact it is a pack of bold face lies, it was like she was trying to make me hate my daddy. I don’t know what kind of sick ass scheme she is trying to cook up but it’s not going to happen any one who knew my daddy would know that is a bunch of bull about what she is saying, but it sure does make me look bad to people who don’t know us or me for that matter and I have to wonder if she is being paid to say this stuff which wouldn’t at this point surprise me at all money does seem to be what she is after that was very clear to me when she kept borrowing money from daddy with bogus hard luck stories which showed me right off she was milking daddy for hundred dollar bills at a time for a while till I arrived here and put my foot down. Yes I did tell daddy to tell that woman he was NOT her first national bank and daddy knew I was right so that is what he did, but she still tried every chance she got to tell her bogus hard luck stories and a few times tried to pull that crap on me wanting to borrow money but that don’t fly with me. All this stuff along with stuff I did not mention is kind of like I am beginning to see a conspiracy and lord knows that is not a good way to be thinking because it’s crazy to think that, people need to leave me the hell alone that’s all I ask I’ve been beaten down my grief, greed, and betrayal so please people just leave me ALONE 

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