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Some things best left unsaid

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Opinions, WTF?


 The first lady tours China and says this so what the hell is she thinking? she didn’t say any thing that the students in China or everyone for that matter doesn’t already know, but speaking out loud and in public is never a good idea in China, it’s not our place to go there and talk about freedom of speech. Online information should be for all, but to be honest the best hackers are believed to be in China so I think computer users in China do know how to get information they need rather it be for study, business, etc. I’m not against hacking, I am against destructive hacking, but that is another topic for another day.

I got the impression of the first lady as an air head who should have stayed home, maybe I am reading the article and seeing what I wanted to see in it rather than what it really says, you can always tell me I am totally wrong, I just think this topic was not a good choice to speak about to the students in China. My opinion but then opinions are like assholes every one has one.

I don't know smile You will have to read this article in order to understand my opinions on this post, if I had been 9 years old and in that school I’ll admit I would have snickered and laughed behind the kids back but I would not have bullied him or let him see me snicker and laugh I would have waited till I was alone with my group of friends then made my comments to them, the group could then voice their opinions to go along with me or not it would be their choice. Ok I was a real shit starter way back then, I’m not proud of that now and would in no way encourage any child to act like that but lets get real here kids do it every day, that’s just being part of growing up I think. (not the bullying but snickers behind the back thing), then Tammy comes in my room to talk to me before going to work and she says “I would have beat the hell out of them with the My Little Pony bag” then the next day there would be no bullies. I have to admit I think she might have been right, but then that opens another can of worms of fighting on the school campus. Ok my thinking is flawed and twisted but kids have to find ways to settle this their way other wise how will they learn from the school of hard knocks right? NOTE: I am trying to write this from a 9 year olds perspective but I think Tammy was right, the kid should have stood bold and ready for any thing, not throw the first punch but I would have thrown the last one and ended this bullying

A brand new day

Posted: March 19, 2014 in General

Today is just starting for me and who knows what today will bring, coffee is brewing, birds are beginning to chirp and the squirrels are already running across the metal roof sounding like a heard of elephants.  I think I might be in a brain fart because my brain is void of any thing I wanted to bitch about so there may not be an entry other than this, but today is just beginning so maybe I just need some ass wipe to come along and kick start me out of the brain fart, wish me luck.

My opinions on this article

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm

Read this article then you will have a better understanding of what I am commenting about, first off how does a woman ever let a man no matter who or what he may be force them to do anything? are most women that insecure to obey without protest? and since when would a woman captain in the army have no grit to earn her rank? if a relationship was causing so much emotional distress why not just tell the man to F off. Should she now sue in court? I think not! let’s debate this Thumbs up

Who me? Not long ago a long time acquaintance told me that she had a great job and loved going to work and when a friend of hers needed a job she got her friend to come to her job and apply, so he did and was hired on as an employee. Some time went by and my acquaintance found out that she was getting a referral check from her company which is always good for any one who gets some extra money. A few days went by and this friend of my acquaintance said to her that he wanted half of the bonus check.  How rude! WTF?

If you want my advice here it is, that friend of yours should be grateful for his job, jobs are not easy to come by these days and he should be glad you didn’t charge him a finders fee, you owe him nothing, enjoy your bonus check.

Go green or else

Posted: March 17, 2014 in General


It’s St.Patrick’s day so get with the green, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I’m grumpy

  Green with envy

Taking the dog out in the rain

Posted: March 16, 2014 in General


Does this look familiar? it sure does to me because Bones hates to go out in the rain, this morning it was a fight to the finish with him.

On another topic I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks, but I’m ready to get active again because it’s the same old story with trying to keep in touch with facebook I get so sick of the same old crap people do which is posting from other sites that shows no intellect of their own, why can’t people type a new status in their own hand? is it really that hard to do? I assume that phones and tablets do have a keypad right? I really hate seeing a page that looks like Las Vegas on a Friday night don’t you? if you don’t then maybe you should, I want to read text not stupid pictures with words on them, that shows no intelligent at all in my opinion,

It’s cold outside again what gives?

Posted: March 3, 2014 in WTF?


It’s cold outside again this morning, what’s up with this weather pattern? shouldn’t spring be in the air and all that stuff?





This week’s forecast



The top is where I am and the bottom is where I am glad I am not this week