School days now and back then

Posted: March 20, 2014 in General, Opinions, Sarcasm

I don't know smile You will have to read this article in order to understand my opinions on this post, if I had been 9 years old and in that school I’ll admit I would have snickered and laughed behind the kids back but I would not have bullied him or let him see me snicker and laugh I would have waited till I was alone with my group of friends then made my comments to them, the group could then voice their opinions to go along with me or not it would be their choice. Ok I was a real shit starter way back then, I’m not proud of that now and would in no way encourage any child to act like that but lets get real here kids do it every day, that’s just being part of growing up I think. (not the bullying but snickers behind the back thing), then Tammy comes in my room to talk to me before going to work and she says “I would have beat the hell out of them with the My Little Pony bag” then the next day there would be no bullies. I have to admit I think she might have been right, but then that opens another can of worms of fighting on the school campus. Ok my thinking is flawed and twisted but kids have to find ways to settle this their way other wise how will they learn from the school of hard knocks right? NOTE: I am trying to write this from a 9 year olds perspective but I think Tammy was right, the kid should have stood bold and ready for any thing, not throw the first punch but I would have thrown the last one and ended this bullying

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