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Problem almost resolved

Posted: April 30, 2014 in What's new

Fingers crossed I heard from Conn’s customer support yesterday afternoon via email and by phone that an exchange on the air conditioner was now approved and that I should contact the store to make the arrangements to make the exchange which is what I will do today. The only thing is that on Monday I went to Home Depot on Monday and had already purchased and installed another window air conditioner unit, ok not really a problem but now I have to decide how to get my money back on the one I will exchange, I guess I could always advertise it in the paper and sell it but I really don’t think I will get my full money back. No biggie I can always figure out what to do next once I get the exchange made but I will however make them hook it up and test it before I leave the store since it was not really the stores fault that the unit did not work it was Frigidaire’s manufacturing, the sales practices of the store caused such a long delay in getting the problem resolved so I count it a joint fault between the manufacture and store.

Not going to freak out today

Posted: April 27, 2014 in General


I’ve done enough freaking out in the last 22 days to last me a life time so today I will simply chill out and enjoy it being Sunday. Enjoy my morning java and read the latest news, however the news lately really has no interest for me because it is all about fighting and age old wars that never seem to have an end to them. Local news and news around the states seem to have taken a back seat to world news and while it is good to know what is happening around the world it might be a good idea to know what’s happening in our own back yards too. Enough about that so I will move on to what else I will do today which is catch up on the blogs that I follow and see what’s up in their world. I often forsake the blog for long periods of time because I do other things that I could also blog about but don’t because that would mean multiple blogs and since I am not a writer and often have major brain farts I would never get any thing written at all in any of them so I just keep it simple with this personal blog. I love it when I see a new follower which even that surprises me since I really only write about my personal stuff, I envy those whose ideas flow so easily as a thought and can write it down so elegantly, and that keeps me inspired to keep this blog open.

The only talents I was blessed with is musical and overly opinionated opinions who doesn’t mind expressing them, which has landed me in hot water plenty of times in social society which later in years I discovered or maybe just realized I am not a social butterfly nor did I really want to be so it was exit stage left for me. I am content to skulk in the back ground of my computer, read, and be a part time social media person, it fits my anti social personality because when I’ve had enough I can simply shut off my computer. Enough of this idol rambling it’s a day to spend with your family, friends if you have any and just chill out today.

Getting madder by the minute

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Pissed off

I get another email from Conn’s customer service now saying something totally different, a simple exchange I guess is off the table and back to a repair, the email explained that Frigidaire is now researching the availability of parts for a repair and that Conn’s should hear something from them in 24 to 48 hours. What I am going to do now is to simply get my house cool by just going to Home Depot and buy another window unit, go through small claims court to try to just get my money back from Conn’s and hopefully embarrass the hell out of this company in the process and maybe get some of their sales practices changed, but that remains to be seen, but I can always keep the word out about their crappy sales practices. I went yesterday afternoon to buy another window unit but Tammy talked me out of it so today I am going back to Home Depot and buy one anyways the living room was at 83 degrees yesterday and I can’t just let Bones and Tammy’s two dogs suffer with heat any more. I have been living out of my bedroom to stay cool but the poor dogs need to be cool too, and start cooking in the kitchen again instead of cooking out on the grill, yes I love grilled food but not everyday, dam even breakfast heats up the house so THIS HAS GOT TO STOP NOW

I’m going to stay mad

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm


If you live in or have ever visited south east Texas you know that April can have many weather effects from cold to cool to nice and breezy to down right HOT, HUMID, and CLAMMY which is the case now to just add insult to injury to my defect brand new window air conditioner problem with the store I bought it from problem. Sick of me ragging about it? good because I intend to make sure no one forgets about the crappy sales practices that store has. Oh BTY it is Conn’s I have a good mind to purchase another unit from somewhere else then just taking this to small claims court and getting my 515.00 back plus court cost. No one really ever checks the BBB but I intend to give them a black mark there too with a complaint. It may be legal for Conn’s to make such purchase policies but it’s not a good sales practice to do so. Each of their sales reps need to say at the check out what the returns and lack of exchanges are before they take a customers money.

Here it is April 24, 20 days after my purchase and I still have no resolution to selling me a defective product, first I was told that you can only exchange up to 24 hours and to call their repair center, the repair guys came out on the 15th and said that the compressor had no coolant in it and that’s why the window air conditioner didn’t work, and that they would get another compressor and dryer then return to repair it when the parts came in, the next thing I know after contacting them two more times is that it is in review for an exchange? WTF? why would it have to go up for review and be approved by who knows who before something can be done? this is such total bull shit folks, a brand new product still in the box? what is so hard about being a store that honors their sales? I tell you this now NEVER buy anything from Conn’s

ops sorry late edition edit for spelling errors

I posted a week ago about my large purchases I made at Conn’s on Facebook, however I should have posted here as well, but gave a benefit of a doubt to the company. On April 4, 2014 I made a large purchase of a refrigerator and a large window air conditioner and the store delivered them to my home but did not install them, it was just a drop off which I had to pay for BTY, the window unit sat in front of the window to be installed in on the floor still in the box until April 10th then installed that day, it did not cool but it was to late in the day to call the store back so I called Conn’s back the next morning which was April 11, 2014. I was told by the manager that there are no returns or exchanges after 24 hours of purchase and that I would have to call their repair service and the matter was out of his hands. (I got the impression of “Kiss our ass sucker it’s your problem now”)

I wait 4 days for the repair service to come out to take a look at my brand new purchase only to find out there was no coolant in the compressor and the repair guy says he will have to order a new compressor and dryer for the unit. The weather has now warmed up making the living room temp to about 79 to 80 and heaven forbid don’t cook in the kitchen that’s even worse. Here it is April 22, 2014 and I still have not got to enjoy spending my cash money. Anyone who knows me personally already knows what comes today during business hours today, I will act like a crazy person on the phone if I have to but someone will hear what I have to say today!