Appliance store still jerking me around

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm

Here it is April 24, 20 days after my purchase and I still have no resolution to selling me a defective product, first I was told that you can only exchange up to 24 hours and to call their repair center, the repair guys came out on the 15th and said that the compressor had no coolant in it and that’s why the window air conditioner didn’t work, and that they would get another compressor and dryer then return to repair it when the parts came in, the next thing I know after contacting them two more times is that it is in review for an exchange? WTF? why would it have to go up for review and be approved by who knows who before something can be done? this is such total bull shit folks, a brand new product still in the box? what is so hard about being a store that honors their sales? I tell you this now NEVER buy anything from Conn’s

ops sorry late edition edit for spelling errors

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