I’m going to stay mad

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm


If you live in or have ever visited south east Texas you know that April can have many weather effects from cold to cool to nice and breezy to down right HOT, HUMID, and CLAMMY which is the case now to just add insult to injury to my defect brand new window air conditioner problem with the store I bought it from problem. Sick of me ragging about it? good because I intend to make sure no one forgets about the crappy sales practices that store has. Oh BTY it is Conn’s I have a good mind to purchase another unit from somewhere else then just taking this to small claims court and getting my 515.00 back plus court cost. No one really ever checks the BBB but I intend to give them a black mark there too with a complaint. It may be legal for Conn’s to make such purchase policies but it’s not a good sales practice to do so. Each of their sales reps need to say at the check out what the returns and lack of exchanges are before they take a customers money.

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