Not going to freak out today

Posted: April 27, 2014 in General


I’ve done enough freaking out in the last 22 days to last me a life time so today I will simply chill out and enjoy it being Sunday. Enjoy my morning java and read the latest news, however the news lately really has no interest for me because it is all about fighting and age old wars that never seem to have an end to them. Local news and news around the states seem to have taken a back seat to world news and while it is good to know what is happening around the world it might be a good idea to know what’s happening in our own back yards too. Enough about that so I will move on to what else I will do today which is catch up on the blogs that I follow and see what’s up in their world. I often forsake the blog for long periods of time because I do other things that I could also blog about but don’t because that would mean multiple blogs and since I am not a writer and often have major brain farts I would never get any thing written at all in any of them so I just keep it simple with this personal blog. I love it when I see a new follower which even that surprises me since I really only write about my personal stuff, I envy those whose ideas flow so easily as a thought and can write it down so elegantly, and that keeps me inspired to keep this blog open.

The only talents I was blessed with is musical and overly opinionated opinions who doesn’t mind expressing them, which has landed me in hot water plenty of times in social society which later in years I discovered or maybe just realized I am not a social butterfly nor did I really want to be so it was exit stage left for me. I am content to skulk in the back ground of my computer, read, and be a part time social media person, it fits my anti social personality because when I’ve had enough I can simply shut off my computer. Enough of this idol rambling it’s a day to spend with your family, friends if you have any and just chill out today.

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