Problem almost resolved

Posted: April 30, 2014 in What's new

Fingers crossed I heard from Conn’s customer support yesterday afternoon via email and by phone that an exchange on the air conditioner was now approved and that I should contact the store to make the arrangements to make the exchange which is what I will do today. The only thing is that on Monday I went to Home Depot on Monday and had already purchased and installed another window air conditioner unit, ok not really a problem but now I have to decide how to get my money back on the one I will exchange, I guess I could always advertise it in the paper and sell it but I really don’t think I will get my full money back. No biggie I can always figure out what to do next once I get the exchange made but I will however make them hook it up and test it before I leave the store since it was not really the stores fault that the unit did not work it was Frigidaire’s manufacturing, the sales practices of the store caused such a long delay in getting the problem resolved so I count it a joint fault between the manufacture and store.

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