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There are web sites saying they can do a DNA test to prove you’re a native american so that you can be recognized by a tribe for native american status and for native american benefits which after a lot of research on my part I have found a research paper that does not seem to agree with my thinking simply because this is all based on the mother’s side of the family and on my mother’s side of the family none that I know of was claiming to be native american so my father and his family would only maybe show my father with possible markers of being native american but would not show any markers for myself or my sister and late brother. The $99.00 test cost would be wasted on myself or any of my close descendants if the DNA testing depends on my mother’s side of the family, in some ways it does not make sense because the father and his side of the family does play a role in my genetic make up, am I not a mixed copy of them both? read the article below then agree to disagree or agree which ever you think.

By Jonathan Marks and Brett Lee Shelton

Across the country, there is currently a lot of interest in the prospects of using genetics to determine whether somebody is really Native American. This interest has arisen in many contexts‚from determining whether ancient remains are Native American for purposes of repatriation to groups of people who are seeking recognition as an Indian tribe by the United States government, to individuals who think they might have American Indian ancestry and would like to find a way to “prove” it. There are even several companies that claim to be able to help people determine their Native American heritage with genetic analysis. In the notorious case of “Kennewick Man”, geneticists were charged with the impossible task of identifying him racially and tribally, and were of course unsuccessful, in spite of having destroyed some of the remains to do the tests.

But there are problems with using genetics to determine whether or not one has Native American ancestry, and/or alternatively to determine tribal membership. The most obvious problem is that being Native American is a question of politics and culture, not biology‚one is Native American if one is recognized by a tribe as being a member. And one is not necessarily a member of a tribe simply because one has Native American ancestors. Another problem is that genetic analysis, and some of the processes involved, can be problematic for indigenous people in terms of their own cultural knowledge. Put simply, there are things involved in genetic analysis that some indigenous cultures consider violations of their principles or values.

But the point that is frequently lost in the debate about using genetic analysis to determine whether one is Native American is that the genetic analysis itself is not conclusive, even on strictly scientific terms. This article will explain the scientific shortcomings of trying to use genetic analysis to prove native identity.Å It is limited to the scientific shortcomings, but the real legal, political, social, and moral issues should also not be ignored.

The Theory: Native American Genetic Markers

First, an explanation of the theory behind using genetics to determine Native American identity is in order. Scientists have found certain variations, or “markers” in human genes that they call Native American markers because they believe all “original” Native Americans had these genetic traits. The theory is that, if a person has one of these markers, certain ancestors of the person must have been Native American.

The markers are principally analyzed in two locations in people’s genes‚ in their mitochondrial DNA and on the Y-chromosome. On the mitochondrial DNA, there are a total of five different ÒhaplotypesÓ, called A, B, C, D, and X, which areincreasingly called “Native American markers,” and are believed to be a genetic signature of the founding ancestors.ÅÅ As for the Y-chromosome, there are two primary lineages or “haplogroups” that are seen in modern Native American groups, called M3 and M45. Some scientists maintain that up to 95% of all Native American Y-chromosomes are from these two groups (with the rest being from either Asian lineages or non-native haplogroups). It must be pointed out that none of these markers is exclusive to Native American populations‚all can be found in other populations around the world. They simply occur with more frequency in Native American populations.

Y-chromosome and mtDNA markers are the most commonly used genetic markers used for analysis of Native American ancestry. But how does testing for these genes work?

Mitochondrial Analysis for Native American Marker Genes

Both females and males inherit their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) only from their mother. This line of biological inheritance, therefore, stops with each male. That means that, if you think of your 4 great-grandmothers, you and all your brothers and sisters have inherited your mtDNA only from your maternal grandmother’s mother. Your other 3 great-grandmothers and your 4 great-grandfathers have contributed none of your mtDNA. If you are female, you and your sisters will, in turn, transmit that great-grandmotherªs mtDNA to all your children, but your brothers won’t transmit it to their children.Å In other words, your mtDNA isidenticalto that of your mother’s mother’s mother, but does not constitute a biological line of descent from your other 7 great-grandparents. If that great-grandmother happened to have the genetic variations that have been labeled as either A, B, C, D, or X, then by having the same mtDNA yourself, you will have inherited a ÒNative AmericanÓ mtDNA marker.

Of course, if all your other great grandparents were Native American, and your motherªs motherªs mother was non-Indian, then you will not likely have one of the “Native American” mtDNA haplotypes. So, 7 of your 8 great-grandparents may be Indian, and yet you would not be identified as Indian from this test. Moreover, it really goes farther than that, since the mtDNA only comes from the purely maternal line. If you go back two more generations, 31 of your 32 great-great-great grandparents could be Indian. Yet you could not be identified as Native American using this test if that one of your 16 (great-great-great) grandmothers who is part of your female lineage was not Native American (or more specifically if her mother did not have one of the five haplotypes called “Native American.”) Keep going back further, and still only a single one of your female ancestors is detectable, while the number of ancestors invisible to this test increases enormously.

Y-Chromosome Analysis for Native American Markers

Males inherit a close copy of their Y-chromosome from their fathers. Females do not have a Y-chromosome. So males could also be tested for ÒNative American markersÓ on their Y-chromosome, but the analysis has similar limitations as testing mtDNA. Here again, the test only traces one line of ancestry, and misses most of the subjects’ ancestry because the vast majority of the ancestors are invisible to the test. If a man has 15 Native American great-great-grandparents, but his father’s father’s father’s father was non-Indian, that person will not appear to be Native American under this test. So, almost 94% of that person’s genetic inheritance may be from Native Americans, but under this test he may be identified as “non-Indian”.Å And, like mtDNA analysis using the purely maternal line, using Y-chromosome analysis to determine Native American ancestry ignores a greatly increasing percentage of a person’s ancestry as you go more generations into the past with the analysis.

The Tests Yield False Negatives

The discussions of mitochondrial and Y-chromosome testing for Native ancestry have already indicated that it is very easy to get a false negative using these tests– there is a very high chance of someone having a significant amount of their ancestry being Native American, and yet appearing to be non-Native according to the test. All it takes is one non-Native person located in the proper position in a personªs ancestry.Å A womanªs motherªs grandmother could be non-Indian, and all her 7 other great grandparents Indian, and the test will still show the woman as non-Indian.

There is another possibility of false negatives from these types of tests as well. This other type of false negative would arise if some Native American people simply do not have one or more of the ”Native American” markers. Scientists have not tested all native people, so they do not know for sure that Native Americans only have the markers they have identified, if their maternal or paternal bloodline does not include a non-Indian.Å Real peoples are not bound by the geneticistªs ideal of purity.ÅThe scientists already admit to some of this uncertainty when they estimate that, for example, 95% of Native American men without a known non-Native in their purely paternal line (fatherªs fatherªs father, and so on) have one of the two ÒNative AmericanÓ variations they have identified. This implies that at least 5% of the men can have other genetic markers.

The Tests Also Yield False Positives

Some of the haplotypes attributed to Native Americans are also found in people from other parts of the world.Å A, B, C, and D are found in North Asia, and X is found in southern Europe and Turkey. In fact, the principal marker of haplotype B is called the "9 base pair deletion," and is found in some Japanese and almost all Samoans. Could they then be classified as genetically Native American?Å These tests cannot even establish with certainty that, for example, someoneªs motherªs motherªs mother was Native American‚they can at best establish a certain probability that this was the case.

Tribes Do Not Differ From One Another In Ways That Geneticists Can Detect

Another issue is the widespread belief that genetics can help determine specific tribal affinities of either living or ancient people.Å This is quite simply false.Å Neighboring tribes have long-standing complex relationships involving intermarriage, raiding, adoption, splitting, and joining.Å These social historical forces insure that there cannot be any clear-cut genetic variants differentiating all the members of one tribe from those of nearby tribes.ÅÅ At most, one can identify slight differences in the proportions of certain genetic variations in each group, but those do not permit specific individuals to be assigned to particular groups.


The concept of genetic testing to prove Native American ancestry is one that is discussed more frequently in recent times, but there are many problems with the idea.Å Perhaps foremost of these problems is that to make a genetic test the arbiter of whether someone is Native American or not is to give up tribal sovereign ability to determine membership and relations.Å But even taken on their own scientific terms, the tests cannot do much to identify who is and who is not Native American. This is because they yield many false negatives and false positives (they readily misidentify non-Native people as Native, and misidentify Native people as non-Native), and the positive results they do yield at best are only probabilities, not certainties.Å If these were medical diagnostic tests, they would never be approved or adopted.

But the most important argument against this type of testing to establish tribal affiliations is that biology (and genetics) track just part of our tribal inheritance. These DNA tests treat ÒNative American biology as though all Indians were essentially the same. But in reality, our traditions make us who we are, not just our biology.

Bad customer support

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As every one knows I recently purchased a mobility scooter to help me get around town and outside activities which require long standing or walking, on the most part I was happy with the customer support I got and the speedy shipping. I was so pleased with how my purchased was handled that I decided to also purchased a scooter deck and ramp for the back of my truck so I could haul the scooter around along with another accessory item a crutch and cane holder which would be perfect to keep an umbrella in for when it rains, that item mounts on the back of the scooter for easy access. Again I got a speedy delivery on the mobility scooter deck/ramp but no crutch and cane holder, ok so no biggie I called to advise them that I had not gotten the item and they told me that it would be shipped from a different manufacturer and to give it a few days, that made sense so I waited a few more days and a week end before calling them again to advise them that my item did not arrive.  Customer service was busy so they took my phone number and would call me back…they didn’t. My third attempt to get this matter resolved failed as well, I talked to a customer support guy named Dave and he listened to my complaint and said he was going to call the shipper to find out what the problem was and that when he heard from them he would call me back and again they took my phone number but again did not call me back, now I’M MAD! I am talking about 88.00 dollars here, for that accessory item. where do I go from here? this was an online purchase and they got 337.00 dollars total but I only got the one 249.00 dollar scooter ramp.

Steaming mad I am mad as hell

Right or wrong the death penalty is law but should we have to listen to all the whining about your fears the execution may cause you to suffer? did you think about what you did to your victims and how they suffered? in the most recent events to “so called botched execution” is the event that took place in Oklahoma, if you read the account of what happened you will see clearly that it was not due to the drug cocktail used, it was a blown artery (not the fault of the state) my opinion only is that your punishment should fit your crime, but do I support the death penalty? I’m not sure, but I do sit on the fence. I can’t see paying the bill for you all to live your life in prison either when you gave no thought to the life you was taking. My point here is to say that if you look back at all the records of “so called botched executions” you will clearly see in every case it was not the fault of the drugs used or to any thing the administers of the execution did. In every case I looked up which was 30 of them it was due to bad veins and the lack of good veins to use (that happens in hospitals every day). People forget that the prisoner is not conscious after the first drug is given they go to sleep fast so any reactions they have after that is more of the bodies reactions. Summary: stop all your whining you lily livered poor excuse for humanity and except your fate.


Who remembers back when you visited a web page and it looked like Las Vegas on a Friday night? flashing banners and ads literally dominated the web page with very little content you went searching for? and heaven forbid if you clicked on one, you got sucked into a never ending cycle of ads and hidden malware. Those days went away for a while when ad blockers came out and I was as happy as a lark I could browse a site without all those sales traps. People was making money even if you just clicked on a link and some paid only if you bought something, and the trend is coming back in full force only smarter now. Now those same money grubbing people are watching your browsing history then target ads from that, nothing pisses me off more than going to Amazon only to see ads from what I was just looking at on another web site I go to, frankly it creeps me out then annoys me. I don’t mind an ad on a web page or maybe two ads if it is what the ad says it is but here is what happens, those banner ads are misleading once you get to the site it has nothing to do with how the ad is presented and when you try to leave guess what? you can’t unless you close all your windows, so that is a practice many web masters use so they can lock you in but it is also a hostile web site. I guess the old saying is true about a sucker born every minute, I can’t imagine people really do buy from those ads but it must be a money maker because it is still here and getting back like it used to be only smarter. If I use a free site like this one I know there are ads at times when you view comments and that’s ok with me so far the ads are minimal so I can go with the flow on that but I prefer to pay for ad free web sites and premium email, I will get around to paying this site for ad free pages but for now I’m ok with free. My point is are you really ok with dozens of ads flashing at you while your trying to research material or browsing for information? I say thank goodness that I still have secure content only displayed and some ads are blocked. Before you point this out to me yes I do have three ads on my web site but I have them on a separate page that you never have to see if you don’t go to that page, the ads are just what they say they are not some bogus eye catcher to lure you to something bogus, have I made any money from those ads? NO but I keep them there any way. Until next time all you non readers of this blog it’s been fun but I got to run C YA!

I don't know smile I started my day by catching up on the news, boy was that ever a mistake sometimes I think no news is better than news. Depressing news like a mother confesses to killing 6 of 7 new born babies shortly after birth the seventh she says was still born, stores them in boxes in her garage, how sick is that right? very disturbing. Then I move on to an earth quake alert in of all places Oklahoma strange but true. My list goes on but I really want to just brush off this feeling of doom and go find something with some good news in it and yes I already know that Jesus loves me which is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, but I was thinking some thing physical like a great sale so I can go shopping and buy stuff, buy some thing for myself just because I want to. Until next time all you non readers of this blog have a better day than I have so far.

Girl I cannot imagine any mother not wanting the best health for their child or infant ever, yes there has been a lot of bad press about risk of immunizations but in my opinion it is just that bad press, you can agree to disagree if you like but I will never be convinced that it is a bad thing to do. Take me growing up ok? the method of getting the vaccines have changed a lot, living in a small town growing up there was always a free health clinic and my parents believed in taking us kids there regularly and when I started school the health clinic had a yearly visit to the schools to give shots as well (which I always dreaded I might add) but boosters was important each year at that time. Since my time spent in school however it is now said to not be needed on a yearly basis but it didn’t kill me or any one I knew nor did it make any of us sick with side effects, just a sore arm for a few days which the boys took advantage of by hitting every one on their sore arm, The vaccines we got was effective so maybe an even better version of them wasn’t I have no idea since I am in no way a doctor or researcher of medicine, all I can say is it didn’t kill us or make us sick nor did it cause our children to be born with serious illnesses, and if fact I think it made our children a bit more healthy and hardy unlike the horror stories we read about today. This is just my opinions on this matter after reading an article on NBC news site this morning, I was shocked about the content of this article.

Purchase exchange complete

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Thumbs up On Saturday Conn’s finally brought me an exchange on the window air conditioner I bought 29 days ago, the lack of communication this company has with their employee’s cracks me up, the men who brought the unit to the house was under the understanding they was to install it I guess customer support forgot to tell them to just deliver it because I had already purchased another unit from Home Depot and installed it. I told the guy to just put the box in front of the window where the new one is installed so I could make sure this replacement worked before he left and he said he was to install it, I said no your only just to leave the unit and pick up the unit that never worked he seemed like he wanted to protest and my bad attitude jumped up, I made sure that the unit worked and had them take back the bad unit so now all is right with the issue. The only thing now left to do is sell the unit still in the box to get my $500.00 back but will take a $100,00 loss if I have to in order to get it sold.


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Coffee cup Today is starting out uneventful and I certainly hope it stays that way, I’m on my last cup of coffee of the morning and thinking about what I want to do this weekend, examples are play World of Warcraft all weekend, The Sims3, or go buy a new smart TV and watch Netflix all weekend. I have thought about buying a new TV and a PS4 but when you compare the cost I think a smart TV would be a better choice for now, not that a new game system wouldn’t be great but then I would have to spend even more money for some new games etc. I live a life where I have no life you got that? I wouldn’t have it any other way I’ve earned the right to be a total bum. My only guilt I have is not helping others in need more than I do so maybe I should do more. This is a no brainer entry today just for the sake of writing something totally worthless. Tootles all until my next meaningless entry

Just a thought or two

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Light bulb The disadvantage of being able to do what you want when you want has a few kinks in it, for example me, I do what I want when I want and the kinks for me is when I lay in bed with intentions of watching Netflix and you all can guess what I’m going to say next right? “I can truthfully say I do my best movie watching with my eyes closed” most of the time I end up waking up at very odd hours which is not to bad it does have it’s perks unless the news has not had time to update or other articles of interest not updated yet. The kinks finds it’s way in after you read a few articles while drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet time, the caffeine hits your brain and slaps you awake.

This article I read reinforced my belief that whatever color you wish to paint your house is no one else’s business and after reading the article for yourself you will find that this house is painted in good taste and very lovely I might add. I understand the need for neighbor’s to band together to make sure that the standards in which they wish their neighborhood to be like be honored, but I do have a problem with the pettiness of a  homeowners association which I truly feel no one really needs, but that is another topic for another day. This article talks about toxic chemicals from the house painting, I THINK NOT! a neighbor’s yard cannot become that toxic from someone else painting their house and that there must be another cause if indeed the neighbor’s yard really is toxic let alone a court even hearing a case on the matter. I sum this one up as mind your own business and tend your own back yard.

The second cup of coffee kicks in and a new news article I found was a bit of a brain twister for me, the problem is I forgot to grab the link to the article so now I will have to sum my opinions up without a back up link so others who may read this can get a grip on what my meaning is. Brief summary to article is it challenges the stand your ground law which I truly believe in since I have lived alone for many years and know the fear from intruders can be very scary if you lose your grip on what needs to be done at the time. (act fast, dial 911 if you have time but if you don’t then fire a warning shot but be ready to blow them away if they come at you, Don’t fall apart and panic you have plenty of time to fall apart later). Now to what the articles contents was involved a man in Montana who shot and killed a teenager. The man said that he had been burglarized twice in the past few weeks so he left his garage door open and his wife left her purse in there too and that he stayed up for three nights waiting for another burglar, YES that does sound like he is abusing the stand your ground law and should NOT get off scot free, but now the stand your ground law may take a hard hit because of someone else’s stupidity. Property is just stuff it can be replaced and if it can’t be replaced then so be it, but when it comes to my personal safety and well being NO ONE will tell me it’s against the law in my own home.