Just a thought or two

Posted: May 1, 2014 in General, Opinions

Light bulb The disadvantage of being able to do what you want when you want has a few kinks in it, for example me, I do what I want when I want and the kinks for me is when I lay in bed with intentions of watching Netflix and you all can guess what I’m going to say next right? “I can truthfully say I do my best movie watching with my eyes closed” most of the time I end up waking up at very odd hours which is not to bad it does have it’s perks unless the news has not had time to update or other articles of interest not updated yet. The kinks finds it’s way in after you read a few articles while drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet time, the caffeine hits your brain and slaps you awake.

This article I read reinforced my belief that whatever color you wish to paint your house is no one else’s business and after reading the article for yourself you will find that this house is painted in good taste and very lovely I might add. I understand the need for neighbor’s to band together to make sure that the standards in which they wish their neighborhood to be like be honored, but I do have a problem with the pettiness of a  homeowners association which I truly feel no one really needs, but that is another topic for another day. This article talks about toxic chemicals from the house painting, I THINK NOT! a neighbor’s yard cannot become that toxic from someone else painting their house and that there must be another cause if indeed the neighbor’s yard really is toxic let alone a court even hearing a case on the matter. I sum this one up as mind your own business and tend your own back yard.

The second cup of coffee kicks in and a new news article I found was a bit of a brain twister for me, the problem is I forgot to grab the link to the article so now I will have to sum my opinions up without a back up link so others who may read this can get a grip on what my meaning is. Brief summary to article is it challenges the stand your ground law which I truly believe in since I have lived alone for many years and know the fear from intruders can be very scary if you lose your grip on what needs to be done at the time. (act fast, dial 911 if you have time but if you don’t then fire a warning shot but be ready to blow them away if they come at you, Don’t fall apart and panic you have plenty of time to fall apart later). Now to what the articles contents was involved a man in Montana who shot and killed a teenager. The man said that he had been burglarized twice in the past few weeks so he left his garage door open and his wife left her purse in there too and that he stayed up for three nights waiting for another burglar, YES that does sound like he is abusing the stand your ground law and should NOT get off scot free, but now the stand your ground law may take a hard hit because of someone else’s stupidity. Property is just stuff it can be replaced and if it can’t be replaced then so be it, but when it comes to my personal safety and well being NO ONE will tell me it’s against the law in my own home.

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