Purchase exchange complete

Posted: May 4, 2014 in General

Thumbs up On Saturday Conn’s finally brought me an exchange on the window air conditioner I bought 29 days ago, the lack of communication this company has with their employee’s cracks me up, the men who brought the unit to the house was under the understanding they was to install it I guess customer support forgot to tell them to just deliver it because I had already purchased another unit from Home Depot and installed it. I told the guy to just put the box in front of the window where the new one is installed so I could make sure this replacement worked before he left and he said he was to install it, I said no your only just to leave the unit and pick up the unit that never worked he seemed like he wanted to protest and my bad attitude jumped up, I made sure that the unit worked and had them take back the bad unit so now all is right with the issue. The only thing now left to do is sell the unit still in the box to get my $500.00 back but will take a $100,00 loss if I have to in order to get it sold.

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