Call me old fashion about infant immunization

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Opinions

Girl I cannot imagine any mother not wanting the best health for their child or infant ever, yes there has been a lot of bad press about risk of immunizations but in my opinion it is just that bad press, you can agree to disagree if you like but I will never be convinced that it is a bad thing to do. Take me growing up ok? the method of getting the vaccines have changed a lot, living in a small town growing up there was always a free health clinic and my parents believed in taking us kids there regularly and when I started school the health clinic had a yearly visit to the schools to give shots as well (which I always dreaded I might add) but boosters was important each year at that time. Since my time spent in school however it is now said to not be needed on a yearly basis but it didn’t kill me or any one I knew nor did it make any of us sick with side effects, just a sore arm for a few days which the boys took advantage of by hitting every one on their sore arm, The vaccines we got was effective so maybe an even better version of them wasn’t I have no idea since I am in no way a doctor or researcher of medicine, all I can say is it didn’t kill us or make us sick nor did it cause our children to be born with serious illnesses, and if fact I think it made our children a bit more healthy and hardy unlike the horror stories we read about today. This is just my opinions on this matter after reading an article on NBC news site this morning, I was shocked about the content of this article.

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