Remember back when ads dominated the web?

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm, WTF?


Who remembers back when you visited a web page and it looked like Las Vegas on a Friday night? flashing banners and ads literally dominated the web page with very little content you went searching for? and heaven forbid if you clicked on one, you got sucked into a never ending cycle of ads and hidden malware. Those days went away for a while when ad blockers came out and I was as happy as a lark I could browse a site without all those sales traps. People was making money even if you just clicked on a link and some paid only if you bought something, and the trend is coming back in full force only smarter now. Now those same money grubbing people are watching your browsing history then target ads from that, nothing pisses me off more than going to Amazon only to see ads from what I was just looking at on another web site I go to, frankly it creeps me out then annoys me. I don’t mind an ad on a web page or maybe two ads if it is what the ad says it is but here is what happens, those banner ads are misleading once you get to the site it has nothing to do with how the ad is presented and when you try to leave guess what? you can’t unless you close all your windows, so that is a practice many web masters use so they can lock you in but it is also a hostile web site. I guess the old saying is true about a sucker born every minute, I can’t imagine people really do buy from those ads but it must be a money maker because it is still here and getting back like it used to be only smarter. If I use a free site like this one I know there are ads at times when you view comments and that’s ok with me so far the ads are minimal so I can go with the flow on that but I prefer to pay for ad free web sites and premium email, I will get around to paying this site for ad free pages but for now I’m ok with free. My point is are you really ok with dozens of ads flashing at you while your trying to research material or browsing for information? I say thank goodness that I still have secure content only displayed and some ads are blocked. Before you point this out to me yes I do have three ads on my web site but I have them on a separate page that you never have to see if you don’t go to that page, the ads are just what they say they are not some bogus eye catcher to lure you to something bogus, have I made any money from those ads? NO but I keep them there any way. Until next time all you non readers of this blog it’s been fun but I got to run C YA!

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