Death row inmates stop your whining!

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm

Right or wrong the death penalty is law but should we have to listen to all the whining about your fears the execution may cause you to suffer? did you think about what you did to your victims and how they suffered? in the most recent events to “so called botched execution” is the event that took place in Oklahoma, if you read the account of what happened you will see clearly that it was not due to the drug cocktail used, it was a blown artery (not the fault of the state) my opinion only is that your punishment should fit your crime, but do I support the death penalty? I’m not sure, but I do sit on the fence. I can’t see paying the bill for you all to live your life in prison either when you gave no thought to the life you was taking. My point here is to say that if you look back at all the records of “so called botched executions” you will clearly see in every case it was not the fault of the drugs used or to any thing the administers of the execution did. In every case I looked up which was 30 of them it was due to bad veins and the lack of good veins to use (that happens in hospitals every day). People forget that the prisoner is not conscious after the first drug is given they go to sleep fast so any reactions they have after that is more of the bodies reactions. Summary: stop all your whining you lily livered poor excuse for humanity and except your fate.

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