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A wild theory

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Oddball stuff, Opinions


Good morning WordPress bloggers, today I want to talk about salt, it’s killing us by the millions and yet we can’t give it up or even reduce it in our diets, why? we love the way it makes our food taste right? let me start at the very beginning of a theory I heard once then you decide how off the wall it is or not ok? I was in a restaurant one day a long time ago salting my fries the waitress had just set in front of me when a man walked up out of the blue and said your going to die if you keep eating the forbidden fruit. Ok did you catch that? he said forbidden fruit I had not ever heard salt called that but it did get my attention and kick my brain into high gear. Did you know that if you took two lab rats and fed one no salt and fed the other rat salt in it’s food then checked the red blood cells you would find that the rat fed no salt in it’s food had bigger red blood cells, bigger red blood cells makes it more difficult for oxygen rich blood to circulate through the body but most importantly of all the brain  making that rat less intelligent, dwell on this true fact long and hard and I will continue with where I am going with this. Let me side track your thoughts over to the book of Genesis in the Garden of Eden, before the forbidden fruit was eaten God walk and talked to Adam teaching him all he needed to know because Adam and Eve was as children they had to be taught how to tend the garden, how to gather food, how to survive, and how to reproduce because they just simply didn’t know these things when they was created that is all fact because it is all written down. We are made in God’s imagine and are free will beings right? being a fair and just God he did not remove things from that garden that was bad, the choice had to be there, so God told them and taught them that of the whole garden they may freely eat everything except the tree of good and evil. Was it really a tree? nope the tree is a just a simple way of explanation example not an actual tree and the apple is not an apple either, this had to be explained in terms that the people of the time could understand the forbidden fruit is salt, maybe in the form of a pillar that maybe looked like a sort of tree or maybe just some peeks sticking out of the ground but I am sure it must have been salt why? God said in the day that you eat from the tree of good and evil you shall surely die (act of disobedience) and their eyes was opened and they knew they was naked and hid from God. This we all know right?

Lets go back to the two rats in a lab one was fed no salt in it’s diet while the other rat got salt in it’s diet, the rat with no salt had bigger red blood cells making it hard to get good blood flow to the brain making that rat less intelligent, here comes the theory:  Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and their eye’s was opened, (the rat with salt in it’s diet was smarter and it’s red blood cells was smaller and could flow to the brain easily) you eat the salt and all of a sudden oxygen rich blood rushes to the brain and the brain is now energized and more parts of the brain are awake, instant intelligent.  Did the serpent not tempt Eve saying that if they ate of it they would be like God? they had knowledge they did not have before including that they had disobeyed God by eating it. Scientific way of explanation, salt jumped started our brains.

This is all just theory but in talking with that man in that restaurant he ask me why on earth would I want to eat something that was so bad that even germs won’t live on it? I had no answer nor did I ever figure out who that man was or why he even bothered to stop by my table and start a conservation with me, he was not rude or radicle and even did not appear to be a rebel, just a kind old man who wanted to say something. An angel maybe? who knows but it did give me something to think about all these years even if that theory is off the wall it is a known fact that we are killing our self eating to much salt, our bodies do need salt but what veggies have right from the ground is ample amounts we don’t need any more so maybe we should tune our taste buds with other seasonings and herbs. Do I believe this theory? not entirely but it is food for thought, that is just something I will have to ask when I get to heaven, but I really don’t think it will be important when I get there.

It’s the weekend

Posted: June 21, 2014 in General


Good morning wordpress bloggers it’s the weekend and where I am from it is sunny, hot and humid. Time to go do something out doors, get your to do list done, go play sports, or my favorite things to do like fishing, crabbing, and eating Hugh piles of boiled crawfish and shrimp with little new potatoes and corn boiled in the Cajun spicy crab boil spice mix, oh yeah the spice that makes you lose your dignity by giving you spice stained fingers and a runny nose, a tremendous thirst for cold ice tea or better yet BEER! I have the best of 3 worlds here in Texas sitting with the Sabine river as my back yard which is the only thing that separates the great state of Texas from the great state of Louisiana, then there is Mexico flanking other parts of Texas,  FOOD my friends I’m talking some yummy spicy BBQ beef, pork with a side order of Tex-mex flavors of Mexico, this is a spicy food lovers paradise, top all the great food off with ice cold tea, beer or frozen margarita’s and your set for the whole weekend. Don’t forget the music, sun screen and mosquito repellant.


Yahoo news is the only article on the Tracy Morgan crash that explains more in detail truthfully, and I say thank you for that. Other headlines read negative, for example: Feds say trucker in Morgan crash was speeding, response is truthfully yes he was, but they wanted the public to focus on that one factor, (in reality every one else was more than likely speeding too, and when traffic slowed it started a chain of events). Another example of headlines are: Drivers hours are under review in fatal turnpike crash and the last headline reads Trucker in Morgan crash hadn’t slept. I am going to insert parts of the article here then explain what I would have done and more than likely the driver did the same thing but I can’t swear to that since each driver does their own thing when it comes to multiple stop off, but a smart driver I think would do.

Before I insert a part of the article let me say that multiple stop offs NEVER go as scheduled:  “The report also detailed driver’s schedule on the day leading up to the crash, from when he left a Wal-Mart facility in Smyrna, Delaware, at about 11:30 a.m. before making stops in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Just after midnight on June 7 he left Bristol, Pennsylvania, en route to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, when the crash happened about 30 minutes into his trip.” Ok folks look at the times here he started about 11:30 a.m he made multiple stops until just after midnight, any driver with an IQ of 70 knows stop offs don’t go as planned right? the hours it took to make those stop offs was about 11 1/2 hours so IF IT WAS ME I would log 15 minutes of load or unload which ever the case is then jump in the sleeper for a cat nap, drive to next stop off and do the same thing, that way when I left for the last stop shortly after midnight I would have at least had naps in between the stops, have just enough time on hours of service to get to final stop off then log off for 10 hours of sleep at final destination. BUT if I ran out of hours of service before I got to final destination then the final stop would have to be rescheduled no ifs ands or buts, load planners hate that but hay that’s the life of a truck driver, you have to cover your ass because dispatch and load planners will throw you to the wolves. Use the hours of service to your advantage to get the rest you need and screw every one else because it’s your ass on the line not theirs. NOTE: He had logged 9 hours and 37 minutes of driving time, that is NOT enough time to make his final stop off with the minutes he had left to drive but it does show in approx 11 1/2 hours time he could have had a tiny cat nap but most importantly he should have gotten to a service plaza on the turnpike then went to bed and screw the final stop off, I would have done that just to piss dispatch and load planners off, but then that’s me right? with the hours of service on your side they dare not threaten my job because I was looking for a job when I found that one right? but companies know when they got a good safe driver so job security is a plus. I feel bad for that Wall Mart driver but he should have been watching his own ass, but the media should not give a bad impression on all truck drivers.

Last but not least the driver would have had 10 hours of sleep on his logs before starting that fatal day

In response to the findings, the Teamsters Union urged Congress not to ease laws that limit truck drivers to 60 to 70 hours of work each week. The Senate is considering a resolution that would extend the maximum to 80 hours per week. The solution from a 70 hour work week to 80 hours a week is to much, a better solution is simply pay more money for a decent living, if freight is more important than the driver and the lives of others then put your freight on a rail car then go screw yourself.


Media is misprinting the facts or should I say twisting them to place all the blame on the Walmart truck driver in the tragic accident involving Tracy Morgan and his passengers on N.J. turnpike. taking a few of the lines from the article I will also explain them in simple terms so you can see what the media is doing by misleading people into thinking that the truck driver was driving to much. First line of crap from media: A criminal complaint alleged that he had not slept for more than 24 hours before the crash. Response: No where does it say he has not slept in 24 hours on his truck data, yes he was speeding that part is wrong on his part. Second line of crap from the media: Driver had been on duty for 13 hours 32 minutes at the time of the collision, a half-hour shy of the federal limit. He had logged 9 hours and 37 minutes of driving time. Response: Drivers are allowed to drive 10 then must log sleeper time for 10 hours before driving again, but can go into what is called the 14 hour rule which is a driver can log (4 hours on duty but not driving) that means any time a driver is in the seat but not driving or loading and unloading freight, dropping and hooking trailers, and 10 of driving but must not exceed 14 hours. I could be wrong on this part since I been out of trucking a few years now but my understanding of Walmart drivers was that they always run teams in the trucks, of course there could be exceptions such of shorter runs from warehouse to warehouse. In conclusion of this the driver was going 65 in a construction zone, he is wrong on that part, and secondly he hit the tour bus from behind (That is an automatic your in the wrong) no matter what the cause is. There was fatalities so I can understand the charges brought against the driver, but it does un nerve me when they once again try to show the public how terrible truck drivers are when in fact I bet they did not print all of what really happened that night. Shit can happen out there on the road at a blink of an eye and it not be any ones fault.

I edited this post today because I had left out what I was trying to point out about the media, and that is everyday people DO NOT know what the DOT rules and regulations are so when they print stuff about truck drivers even when they print the truth it sounds bad because people don’t bother to find out what rules of driving a truck driver has to follow. The public then just assumes the truck driver was the cause without knowing the true facts. When I said the second line of crap I did not mean the media was printing something false, I meant they print the truth but fail to explain in detail because they want the public to jump to conclusions. The truth of the matter is that the driver failed to control his vehicle and hit from the rear, that is automatic the driver is at fault no matter what happened or how

He/She know it all

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Ranting


Ever have a person around you that no matter what the topic of conversation it is that they speak louder than every one else and act like they know more than any one else, but really just talk a bunch of shit? Is that type annoying to you? I have 2 relatives who are like that and it un nerves me to no end to be around them because they always talk over who ever is trying to talk and they just ramble on and on and yes! guess what I do next? I end up starting a argument by saying  “Will you shut the hell up!”  I’m not sorry so I won’t give a apology does this make me just as bad as them? I have 0 tolerance for stupid and yet it does seem like I lower myself by acting stupid speaking my mind, shouldn’t I be able to just walk away? and why don’t I just do that, and let the others walk away too? but NOOOOOOOOOO! my big mouth always lands me in deep shit. I put a whole new meaning to the phrase “Me and my big mouth” but hey! some one has to be the villain so I guess that’s me.

Unexpected guest

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Ranting

Angry smile As a mild anti social and recluse don’t take it personal if your not greeted with a warm fussy welcome when you show up at my house unexpected. I care about family and friends but it has to be on my terms of tolerance, I expect people to make arrangements for when they plan on coming. I don’t have much in common with most of you so your visit should be kept short and most of all no touching me, a hug might be in order if your close to me, but common polite hugs are out of the question so just stand there and say nice to see you and be done with the hello greeting. Most of all don’t show up unexpected at all.

What no comments yet?

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Clock I’m waiting and watching for the grill cheese sandwich challenge, I can’t believe how people have forgotten how to blog I’m sad people really sad over this get your grill cheese sandwich on then tell me about it.

Grill cheese sandwich challenge

Posted: June 12, 2014 in What's new

Plate Think you have cornered the market on making the best grilled cheese sandwich? tell me about why you think you make the best grill cheese sandwich and how you make it, I will then on a later post start a poll with all the reply names so others can voice who they think makes the best grill cheese sandwich, America’s favorite comfort food.


Car detour lets toads cross road without croaking! It’s rush hour in Philadelphia for thousands of baby toads as they hop across a busy residential street on a rainy summer night. Why do toadlets cross the road? To get to the woods on the other side, where they will live, eat mosquitoes and grow up to be full-sized American toads (bufo Americanus). After a couple of years, they’ll make the reverse trek as adults, unless they get squashed by a car. That’s where the Toad Detour comes in, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education sets up a roadblock each year in the Roxborough neighborhood, rerouting cars so the amphibians can cross the two-lane street without fear of, um, croaking. I found that article interesting didn’t you? Read full story

Waffle House waitress denied $1,000 tip; customer finds way around company rule  When a Raleigh waitress received a mega tip, she was forced to return the money. However, the customer who left a $1000 tip found a way around the company rule. Watch video

Reality check

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Sarcasm, WTF?

Eye rolling smile  Ok people it’s time to get a reality check here, I read an article that states the U.S. spy agency has started a facebook and twitter account, I say SO WHAT! ask me if I really care? the answer would be a big NO and it shouldn’t matter to the public either why? question: Do you really think the CIA would really post any thing that really matters to us about what they are doing? and yet with in 90 minutes of their first post they got 84,000 followers. Some one out there must think that a presents on social media will somehow stop criminals from posting illegal shit in a post, first of all only a real dumb ass criminal would post what they are doing or going to do any way right? that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. As far as getting tips or snitches to inform on some one on social media site is another thing stupid if that’s what they are thinking, but I don’t think that is what they have on their mind. In closing on my opinion only post are you people really interested in 10 year old unimportant cases from the CIA? I’M NOT