He/She know it all

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Ranting


Ever have a person around you that no matter what the topic of conversation it is that they speak louder than every one else and act like they know more than any one else, but really just talk a bunch of shit? Is that type annoying to you? I have 2 relatives who are like that and it un nerves me to no end to be around them because they always talk over who ever is trying to talk and they just ramble on and on and yes! guess what I do next? I end up starting a argument by saying  “Will you shut the hell up!”  I’m not sorry so I won’t give a apology does this make me just as bad as them? I have 0 tolerance for stupid and yet it does seem like I lower myself by acting stupid speaking my mind, shouldn’t I be able to just walk away? and why don’t I just do that, and let the others walk away too? but NOOOOOOOOOO! my big mouth always lands me in deep shit. I put a whole new meaning to the phrase “Me and my big mouth” but hey! some one has to be the villain so I guess that’s me.

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