Tragic but don’t solely blame the truck driver

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Ranting


Media is misprinting the facts or should I say twisting them to place all the blame on the Walmart truck driver in the tragic accident involving Tracy Morgan and his passengers on N.J. turnpike. taking a few of the lines from the article I will also explain them in simple terms so you can see what the media is doing by misleading people into thinking that the truck driver was driving to much. First line of crap from media: A criminal complaint alleged that he had not slept for more than 24 hours before the crash. Response: No where does it say he has not slept in 24 hours on his truck data, yes he was speeding that part is wrong on his part. Second line of crap from the media: Driver had been on duty for 13 hours 32 minutes at the time of the collision, a half-hour shy of the federal limit. He had logged 9 hours and 37 minutes of driving time. Response: Drivers are allowed to drive 10 then must log sleeper time for 10 hours before driving again, but can go into what is called the 14 hour rule which is a driver can log (4 hours on duty but not driving) that means any time a driver is in the seat but not driving or loading and unloading freight, dropping and hooking trailers, and 10 of driving but must not exceed 14 hours. I could be wrong on this part since I been out of trucking a few years now but my understanding of Walmart drivers was that they always run teams in the trucks, of course there could be exceptions such of shorter runs from warehouse to warehouse. In conclusion of this the driver was going 65 in a construction zone, he is wrong on that part, and secondly he hit the tour bus from behind (That is an automatic your in the wrong) no matter what the cause is. There was fatalities so I can understand the charges brought against the driver, but it does un nerve me when they once again try to show the public how terrible truck drivers are when in fact I bet they did not print all of what really happened that night. Shit can happen out there on the road at a blink of an eye and it not be any ones fault.

I edited this post today because I had left out what I was trying to point out about the media, and that is everyday people DO NOT know what the DOT rules and regulations are so when they print stuff about truck drivers even when they print the truth it sounds bad because people don’t bother to find out what rules of driving a truck driver has to follow. The public then just assumes the truck driver was the cause without knowing the true facts. When I said the second line of crap I did not mean the media was printing something false, I meant they print the truth but fail to explain in detail because they want the public to jump to conclusions. The truth of the matter is that the driver failed to control his vehicle and hit from the rear, that is automatic the driver is at fault no matter what happened or how

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