It’s the weekend

Posted: June 21, 2014 in General


Good morning wordpress bloggers it’s the weekend and where I am from it is sunny, hot and humid. Time to go do something out doors, get your to do list done, go play sports, or my favorite things to do like fishing, crabbing, and eating Hugh piles of boiled crawfish and shrimp with little new potatoes and corn boiled in the Cajun spicy crab boil spice mix, oh yeah the spice that makes you lose your dignity by giving you spice stained fingers and a runny nose, a tremendous thirst for cold ice tea or better yet BEER! I have the best of 3 worlds here in Texas sitting with the Sabine river as my back yard which is the only thing that separates the great state of Texas from the great state of Louisiana, then there is Mexico flanking other parts of Texas,  FOOD my friends I’m talking some yummy spicy BBQ beef, pork with a side order of Tex-mex flavors of Mexico, this is a spicy food lovers paradise, top all the great food off with ice cold tea, beer or frozen margarita’s and your set for the whole weekend. Don’t forget the music, sun screen and mosquito repellant.

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