A wild theory

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Oddball stuff, Opinions


Good morning WordPress bloggers, today I want to talk about salt, it’s killing us by the millions and yet we can’t give it up or even reduce it in our diets, why? we love the way it makes our food taste right? let me start at the very beginning of a theory I heard once then you decide how off the wall it is or not ok? I was in a restaurant one day a long time ago salting my fries the waitress had just set in front of me when a man walked up out of the blue and said your going to die if you keep eating the forbidden fruit. Ok did you catch that? he said forbidden fruit I had not ever heard salt called that but it did get my attention and kick my brain into high gear. Did you know that if you took two lab rats and fed one no salt and fed the other rat salt in it’s food then checked the red blood cells you would find that the rat fed no salt in it’s food had bigger red blood cells, bigger red blood cells makes it more difficult for oxygen rich blood to circulate through the body but most importantly of all the brain  making that rat less intelligent, dwell on this true fact long and hard and I will continue with where I am going with this. Let me side track your thoughts over to the book of Genesis in the Garden of Eden, before the forbidden fruit was eaten God walk and talked to Adam teaching him all he needed to know because Adam and Eve was as children they had to be taught how to tend the garden, how to gather food, how to survive, and how to reproduce because they just simply didn’t know these things when they was created that is all fact because it is all written down. We are made in God’s imagine and are free will beings right? being a fair and just God he did not remove things from that garden that was bad, the choice had to be there, so God told them and taught them that of the whole garden they may freely eat everything except the tree of good and evil. Was it really a tree? nope the tree is a just a simple way of explanation example not an actual tree and the apple is not an apple either, this had to be explained in terms that the people of the time could understand the forbidden fruit is salt, maybe in the form of a pillar that maybe looked like a sort of tree or maybe just some peeks sticking out of the ground but I am sure it must have been salt why? God said in the day that you eat from the tree of good and evil you shall surely die (act of disobedience) and their eyes was opened and they knew they was naked and hid from God. This we all know right?

Lets go back to the two rats in a lab one was fed no salt in it’s diet while the other rat got salt in it’s diet, the rat with no salt had bigger red blood cells making it hard to get good blood flow to the brain making that rat less intelligent, here comes the theory:  Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and their eye’s was opened, (the rat with salt in it’s diet was smarter and it’s red blood cells was smaller and could flow to the brain easily) you eat the salt and all of a sudden oxygen rich blood rushes to the brain and the brain is now energized and more parts of the brain are awake, instant intelligent.  Did the serpent not tempt Eve saying that if they ate of it they would be like God? they had knowledge they did not have before including that they had disobeyed God by eating it. Scientific way of explanation, salt jumped started our brains.

This is all just theory but in talking with that man in that restaurant he ask me why on earth would I want to eat something that was so bad that even germs won’t live on it? I had no answer nor did I ever figure out who that man was or why he even bothered to stop by my table and start a conservation with me, he was not rude or radicle and even did not appear to be a rebel, just a kind old man who wanted to say something. An angel maybe? who knows but it did give me something to think about all these years even if that theory is off the wall it is a known fact that we are killing our self eating to much salt, our bodies do need salt but what veggies have right from the ground is ample amounts we don’t need any more so maybe we should tune our taste buds with other seasonings and herbs. Do I believe this theory? not entirely but it is food for thought, that is just something I will have to ask when I get to heaven, but I really don’t think it will be important when I get there.

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