The Sims4 is just boring

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Ranting


I have been trying out the new Sims4 and find it  a mixed bag of good and bad, yes I know that for now the new release is just the base game, but it only takes about a week to just get bored with the game. Since this time around the Sims are driven my emotions not motivations I find that their mood swings are to frequent to set any kind of goals for them since they change from one minute to the next, they also have the ability to multitask which in my opinion leads to what appears to be A.D.D in human terms. I can’t tell you how many times I got annoyed when I wanted the Sim to do something and they start doing the task but quickly side track to do something else, yes I could turn free will off but then I would have to control every minute of their lives which at times I don’t want to do because I like for my Sims to form their own story line by their actions. There was way to much basic content removed in this base game so now Maxis is adding what should have been included into three installments. October brought back ghost, November brings back the swimming pools and I have forgotten what comes back in December.  Those things should have came with the base game but for some reason didn’t, I am so ready for a expansion pack or a stuff pack or something more to do and explore, if it does not come soon I was just continue playing the World of Warcraft game. Enough ranting for now it’s been fun but I gotta run C YA!

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