Is there treasure at Oak Island? I doubt it

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Opinions, WTF?


Those intelligent brothers spending millions of dollars looking for the secrets of Oak Island believing there is hidden treasure including the Arch of the covenant must have nothing better to do with their money. First off I will say that maybe some pirate trinkets might be found, but my focus is the Arch of the covenant they believe the Knight’s Templar moved this artifact to Oak Island and hid it there, I will say this loud and clear my opinion on this: NOPE, NOTTA, NOWAY! the Arch of the covenant is the most holy of holy artifacts protected by God himself and this artifact will NEVER be found by anyone. I don’t believe the Nazi’s took it either because they NEVER would have found it to start with. God himself resided in the Arch of the covenant until the redemption of man through Jesus Christ, but do you really think that even then man could ever touch it? the residual power it would still contain would make that impossible. so why even think that the Arch of the Covenant could be taken? Pipe dreams my friends a fools errand.

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