Oh those dam commercials

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Opinions


We all have those annoying commercials, but some are just really stupid that simply grate on our nerves. Oh sure there are a few that are kind of cute and since we have to watch them are tolerable to a degree, but the commercials I am talking about lack intelligent content, the one company I am talking about today surprises me which is Geico who have in the past had the cute gecko, the newest commercial has been the Push it song, the content grates my every nerve, did Geico fire their PR staff? the company opened the door for viewers to leave for the kitchen to get snacks and bathroom breaks. I would rather watch the older commercials from this company do you agree?

Trending right now is the Duluth trading company with their cute skit type commercials and of course Farmers Insurance, with Allstate insurance coming in at third on my list of tolerable commercials. Progressive insurance has fallen to the bottom with tolerable content in their commercials.

The holidays bring back some of the worst commercials such as all those adult on the phone chat lines, that is so 10 years ago and I have to wonder if the backers of such had just been released from prison and haven’t kept up with the changing times. As always these are just my opinions and thoughts feel free to chime in your opinions.

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