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Sunday morning brainstorm

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Opinions


America has become obsessed with the freshest ingredients when it comes to food, no additives, preservative’s or growth hormones and this is all well and good if your getting the food and cooking it that day, ok let me back up a minute I can see the no growth hormones ever thing ( I believe it is making children mature prematurely)  but in a market of mass production the organic and preservative free is not practical because it does not store well for long periods of time. If you go to a fresh market daily and cook the foods you buy that day this is all well and good but not so good if your going to store or even freeze those foods, to many things can happen to that food on a microscopic level. In the competitive market of mass production companies have done what the public wants by introducing the “all natural brands” but as a result such as with the latest Blue Bell ice cream company using only the freshest ingredients is killing the company, although we all love Blue Bell ice cream the solution is to add back preservatives in order to stop harmful microscopic bacteria in the product. NOTE! this is my opinion ONLY and NOT backed up by any scientific study or evident.