Sharing living space

Posted: May 3, 2016 in General, Opinions, WTF?

Steaming mad I read an article yesterday about a woman wrote that she lives with her boyfriend and for 10 years he (her boyfriend) has never once helped pay any bills and only a few times did he buy some groceries, she was asking for advice about if other people thought he should be helping or was she just being petty about this, here is my answer to that woman: HELL yes the guy should help, I posted that reply to the article and all of a sudden other people started booing me on their post about what I said, ok people this is just messed up! If you live together expenses should be shared that’s the right thing to do. To those other posters that thought I was a bitch for saying what I thought well you people need a bum to stay in your house, eat your food, watch your cable TV, and drink your beer and never pay a dime then come back and post what you think you bunch of ass wipes.

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