Dam it I got to vent!

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Pissed off, Ranting

All morning long I have been trying to read the news off of the Yahoo web site but the blasted ads and redirects during the time I was reading an article has just got me pissed offblogpost, what the hell happened with ad blockers did all those internet guru’s go broke because all those suckers that was born every minute not see their web site? the internet is going backwards not forwards so I guess greed has once again taken over. What all this ads and banner ads do is bog down your browser and some ads are down right hostile and they have added the ability to show ads that you might have browsed while shopping online, now that’s scary and a bit of eves dropping on your privacy Don’t ya think????. Yes we all love shopping online and getting our stuff right at our front doors (I love it) but since we are suppose to be intelligent beings we know which online shopping we like we don’t need to be bomb barded with flashing miss leading ads, but ok a few suggested shopping web site would not be to bad if they was subtle. To sum up my bitches and grips is if your reading an article your page should not just jump over to a ad page so Yahoo you’ve gotten a bit hostile.

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