The blog is going in some new directions

Posted: December 28, 2016 in General, Opinions

I have to wonder if the new direction the blog is taking has any real effect, I have many interest, opinions and plenty of sarcasm to go around. I thought adding food recipes that I like would show a better side of me than some ranging psychotic bitch all the time, and for the most part I have picked up some new followers and in turn I found I enjoy their blogs as well. The big but! here is are they simply liking this just to add new followers to their own blog and in a sense I guess all this blogging does in many ways have to use the chain reaction effect to gather followers including myself.

The big difference with me is this is just a personal blog, I’m not a professional any more but just a bored out of my mind person who just loves to blog even when no one is reading it. This blog is and always will be a mix of any and every thing that is in my brain.

Thank you foodie’s who have followed me for the recipes I post they are all ones that I would cook and recommend myself (I have a fascination with Pasty’s in case you haven’t noticed) and none of the recipes are of my own creation and will always give the credit where credit is due. Thank you followers who like my ranting, raging, and sarcastic opinions your my favorite  Punk

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