These Hilarious Restaurant Signs Will Make You Cry With Laughter

Posted: April 21, 2019 in Did you know?, General, Humor

It’s amazing how creative restaurants can be when it comes to luring potential customers with welcome signs. Sometimes though, they can actually have the opposite effect. You’ll be rolling on the floor in stitches after reading these hilarious restaurant signs.

Let’s Add Some Seasoning!

restaurant2One particular restaurant that is consistently churning out funny signs is Austin, Texas’s very own El Arroyo. Take this sign, for example, which used the seasons to comedic effect! For this person, winter fat was gone, but spring rolls were just around the corner!

Sorry for the Incontinence

incontinence3It’s a normal thing: many independent restaurants close for a brief period of time for a variety of reasons. Some owners/chefs choose to go on vacation, which means that all systems shut down. This restaurant simply closed for a brief period due to renovation. We think that the writer of this sign meant “sorry for the inconvenience.” Then again, maybe they got complaints that the food was giving customers actual incontinence. In that case, sorry for the actual inconvenience!

Beatable Feast

beatable_feast4Like McDonald’s, KFC is right up there at the forefront of fast food restaurants and is probably the most iconic deep-fried chicken outlet on the planet. So you would expect them to be able to get their welcome signs right. Of course, they meant to write on this sign “Unbeatable Feast.” However, all it took was the omission of one valuable letter, “B” in “unbeatable,” and this restaurant becomes an instant laughing stock. We’re still going to eat there though, without question.

Wendy’s Want You!

wendy_wants_you5It seems like fast food chain Wendy’s also doesn’t take itself too seriously these days. There was a time when working in these culinary institutions was held in much higher regard. Nowadays, there is a stereotype that only certain types of people work at these sort fast-food joints. In fact, the stigma is also bleeding into restaurants, in general. At least Wendy’s are aware of this stereotype and are prepared to hire people who appreciate a little bit of sarcasm.

Want Some Over-Time?

work_extra_hours6Many restaurants like to pride themselves on the fact that they stay open for six days of the week, or maybe even every single day of the week. However, we have come across a restaurant that claims to be open for not six, not seven, but EIGHT days of the week. Not only that, but they also manage to close every Sunday too! It appears that this restaurant has one more day in their week than others, it is called “Not-a-day.”

Not Exactly Soup

not_soup7We only have two explanations for why this ended up happening. Either 1) the cook who usually makes the soup of the day at this restaurant was sick that day. No one else could make soup quite like him, so they poured a few bottles of whiskey into a pot, heated it up and served it. Or 2) they have an award-winning recipe for a whiskey soup that defies expectations. Because, let’s face it, we’re expecting the worst.

Mind Blown

mind_blown8Not only are the writers of El Arroyo’s welcome signs masters of the cheeky pun, as well as the silly dad jokes; they also like to delve into philosophy every once in a while. Many have come out of the Austin-based restaurant feeling like they have learned a thing or two. When you think about it, they are right: clapping is a little bit like hitting yourself because you like something. Make sure you don’t like it too much though, otherwise you might break your wrist.

Why Not Good, Cheap and Fast?

cheap_and_fast9This sign clearly demonstrates a problem with the fast-food industry. Restaurants pride themselves on delivering their meals fast that they sometimes forget to maintain the quality of their food. It’s safe to say that a lot of fast food is both fast and cheap. However, whether it is good or not is often up to debate. Why can’t restaurants tick all three boxes? To be honest, as long as the food is good, we don’t care if it’s cheap or fast.

No Soup For You!

nothing_special10It looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. This restaurant must have a tendency to have a daily special. However, we just caught the one day that the chef decided that there would be no special on the menu. Maybe he was fed up with the customers, so it was his way of punishing them. We just want to reassure all regular eaters at “GNTRBT” that you are special, and you deserve better than this.

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