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cover_1Wild shoe designs have been rising in popularity amongst celebrities in recent years. Miley Cyrus, for example, wore heels shaped like her initials to the 2019 Grammy Awards, while Cardi B donned sneakers that created an optical illusion months earlier.

But, as is the case with most fashion trends, there’s much debate over whether or not these "ugly" shoes are stylish – some called for the trend to end in 2018, while others were in search of standout kicks ahead of Coachella in April 2019.

Still, the trend lives on today, with many major retailers making and selling unconventional shoe designs. Below, check out some of the most eye-catching shoes you can currently find online.


Summer meteor showers are firing up, yielding nature’s spectacle of lights high up in the night sky. And the show’s something of a double feature running through August, with the Perseid meteor shower overlapping with the Delta Aquarids. meteor_show

The problem is finding a dark-enough spot in which to watch the celestial show. Enter the Texas Parks & Wildlife to list some of the best place in Texas to watch and marvel.

To extend the show analogy further, think of the Delta Aquarid as the dress rehearsal to the highly anticipated, main feature that is the Perseid meteor shower for which sky-watching parties are being organized across the landscape below.


Stop saying this to single people

Posted: July 29, 2019 in General, Opinions

single_peopleYou might have the best intentions when speaking to people about their single lives. But certain things you say can annoy or even hurt them. So for the sake of your single friends and loved ones, here are things you need to stop saying to single people, coming from one.

“How are you still single?”

This question is often meant as a compliment when you can’t understand why your attractive, smart, and funny friend hasn’t found someone yet. But it also implies that no normal person should still be single after all this time. And it forces single people to justify why they are not in relationships.


electric_fanEveryone knows that an air-conditioned home is one of the ultimate respites from sweltering summer heat. However, for those unlucky souls among us who live without the benefit of central air, staying cool when the mercury rises is a much more difficult feat.

Of course, most people without the luxury of A/C immediately turn to an electric fan for relief but believe it or not, this does more harm than good in the fight against the sweat-inducing summer sun, But how’s that possible? Well, as cruel as it may seem, the very fan you’re using to cool off could actually be increasing the temperature in your home, depending on how you’re using it.


I have just a link for you today

Posted: July 26, 2019 in General

Watch the Rain Dance

The people of WalMart

Posted: July 25, 2019 in Humor


1. Jewelry

cover1When you hear the word burglar, you’re probably already envisioning a masked man with a burlap sack full of jewels in hand. As it happens, this archetype arose because jewelry is extremely easy to “fence,” or resell illegally. Robert Siciliano, Security Awareness Expert and CEO of Safr.Me, tells us that it doesn’t even matter if your bling is authentic: “Burglars aren’t generally sifting through what’s real or fake until they get back to their evil lair,” he says. “They try to quickly get in and get out. But once they do, they can generally differentiate, and if they can’t, the pawnshop where they go can make the determination.”


How well do you remember 1999?

Posted: July 17, 2019 in Did you know?

1999Simple math reminds us that 1999 was only two decades ago. But, if we’re honest, it simultaneously seems so much closer and so much farther away than that. On the one hand, the advent of technology, makes ‘99 feel light-years away (remember, in 1999 the internet was just truly beginning, while today most of us carry it around in our pockets).

There is a lot of nostalgia for 1999, especially among millennia’s, for whom it marks the end of the “good old days.” There’s also no denying that much of what came out of the ‘90s had a major effect on pop culture and society as a whole. The music, style, and breaking news of that decade continue to inform and inspire.

To see just how well you remember the last year of the 20th century, Stacker rounded up some of the biggest events of 1999, from the Y2K scare and President Bill Clinton’s acquittal on two articles of impeachment to the premiere of "SpongeBob Square Pants" and Pokémon fever. Using data from various sources I’ve created a unique list of political, cultural, and technological occurrences and achievements as well as year-defining statistics and memorable incidents.

Read on to test your knowledge and find out how well you truly remember 1999.


90s toys every kid wanted

Posted: July 16, 2019 in Did you know?

p1_coverToys are more than just objects to keep kids occupied. Like music, movies, and fashion, toys can steer pop culture and define entire decades. Like every generation, children of the ’90s associate that time, in large part, with the toys they had. Some of the decade’s most popular playthings were exclusive to the era. Others were reincarnations of things that had been around for decades before taking off in the ’90s. In other cases, toys from the era made such an impact that kids are still playing with some version of them today.  


Who Is Wednesday Named For?

Posted: July 10, 2019 in Did you know?

Where did the name Wednesday come from?

wednesdaySurprise, surprise … Wednesday Addams wasn’t the originator of the name. In fact, the name Wednesday actually derives from two mighty but distinct gods. The Old English word for Wednesdayindicates that the day was named for the Germanic god Woden. In Romance languages, the name is derived from the Roman god Mercury. (For example, Wednesday is mercredi in French and miercuri in Romanian.)