These Pets Are More Excited About The Holidays Than You Are

Posted: December 19, 2019 in What's new

Nala The Christmas Cat


Nala the cat is so popular that she has her own brand of cat food. She’s also available for meet and greets, if you want to give her some in-person pets. Not a stranger to dressing up, here she is in her Christmas best, circa 2015. With over 4 million followers, she knows that she’s got to look her best for Santa Claus, even though there’s no way she’s going to end up on the naughty list.

Bodhi the Menswear Dog


Meet Bodhi. His goal in life is to look as fashionable as possible — and Christmas is no exception. Not only is he dressed for success, but he’s also quite a gentleman with his snacks. He’s waiting until everyone’s at the table to start enjoying his Beggin’ Strips. This photo looks like it’s straight out of a calendar. (And, it might be — these influencer pets have a ton of merch.)

Tuna The Santa Dog


Meet Tuna. He dresses up for literally every holiday, and it looks like Christmas is his favorite. You might already be following him on Instagram, but if not, you should. One of the best costumed Tuna photos of all time is when he dressed up like Queen Elizabeth II this June to honor her birthday. He even had the crown and wig.

Juniper Fox


Okay, so not many people have a fox as a pet. And that’s probably for the best. But for people who know how to handle them, they’re a pretty cute addition to your household. Juniper the Fox has been looking forward to the holidays this year, and has been asking followers to make donations to worthy causes.

Remix The Dog


This pup named Remix is a dead ringer for the Grinch’s dog, Max. The only difference? This Miniature Schnauzer might not always have a white Christmas. Remix lives in Miami, meaning that the proper attire for a pooch probably the natural look, and not a big heavy sweater.

Mojito The Mini Aussie


How adorable is Mojito the Mini Australian Shepard? Mojito is crawling up the ranks of celebrity pups, with over 29,000 followers. Born in 2018, he’s got plenty of time to increase his star power even more. According to his bio, Mojito’s favorite things include jumping, running, and chasing after sticks. Perhaps Santa will bring him a bunch of bully sticks and snacks this year.

Nacho Flay


Chef Bobby Flay is well known in the food service industry​, but mostly for his cooking skills — not his pets. Well, Nacho the cat might change that. Last year, Bobby made sure that Nacho posted a nice holiday message to all of his fans and followers. Since cats are often hard to pose, he did his best by adding a graphic.



Have you heard of Wiley? He’s a great Instagram follow. Wiley was born with a heart on his nose, which makes him stick out from the crowd. He’s got over 172,000 followers and a verified account. You can’t help but love his personal "slogan" — "Clear eyes, nose heart, can’t lose."

Birdie Garner


Jennifer Garner’s lucky pup Birdie is also a fan of the holidays. Jennifer, whose Instagram feed is always entertaining, uses the hashtag of #birdiewithbooks to help inspire people to pick up a book. For this particular selection last year, Birdie was (obviously) reading the popular poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas," likely known best as "The Night Before Christmas."

Lady Gaga’s Festive Dogs


Lady Gaga is also another big dog lover. Even though she hasn’t updated her dog Miss Asia’s account since February, it’s probably because the singer has been pretty busy winning Grammys. Based on the 2017 photo above, it’s obvious that Gaga goes above and beyond, making sure that all of her pets have a very merry Christmas.

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