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  • A London web developer has created a calculator which tells you how much toilet roll you actually need, so you can stop panic-buying.
  • Dave Stewart wanted to provide people with a bit of humor during the coronavirus pandemic while also attempting to solve a human problem.
  • Free online and mobile app Got Paper? asks a number of simple questions – such as "poops per day" or "pees per day" – in order to deliver a number of required rolls for each person.
  • It will be translated into several more languages, including Italian and Chinese, within the coming days.

If you’re one of the many people around the world who have panic-bought toilet paper over the past few weeks, it may be time to stop – or share some with your neighbors.


palm_of_handM for "mysterious"? M is for "magnificent"? The presence of this letter in the palm of your hand is very important. According to palmistry, the art of reading palms, people with an M are more intuitive than most people. You are also said to be endowed with a determined character and easily attract success. According to palmistry, the lines of our hands can both tell us a lot about our personalities and reveal our futures. Start observing your palm lines for a clearer vision of yourself.

virus_maskHere are questions we need to ask ourselves, who is cooking the food? is all cooking utensils sanitized? has the cook and staff been tested and cleared for the corvid 19? is all the staff at the restaurant dressed in protective gear to help prevent the spread of any possible virus and bacteria?  If your a person who does drive through or home delivery can you really trust that it’s safe? for that matter is any package you get from US mail, UPS or FedEx free of the virus. This corvid 19 started with travelers who returned home or kept traveling to even more countries or cruise ships that land in various countries for a brief time so passengers can browse and shop, but now those people have exposed others.