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Opinions and Bitterness

Posted: November 21, 2016 in Opinions, Pissed off, Ranting, Sarcasm


November podcast is done Click here to listen

Verizon wireless has screwed up big time and this crap came back to haunt me since October 20, 2016


As you listen to the podcast you can see by this photo what I was most angry about, adding phones lines without my knowledge then trying to charge me for disconnecting them.


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Dam it I got to vent!

Posted: September 21, 2016 in Pissed off, Ranting

All morning long I have been trying to read the news off of the Yahoo web site but the blasted ads and redirects during the time I was reading an article has just got me pissed offblogpost, what the hell happened with ad blockers did all those internet guru’s go broke because all those suckers that was born every minute not see their web site? the internet is going backwards not forwards so I guess greed has once again taken over. What all this ads and banner ads do is bog down your browser and some ads are down right hostile and they have added the ability to show ads that you might have browsed while shopping online, now that’s scary and a bit of eves dropping on your privacy Don’t ya think????. Yes we all love shopping online and getting our stuff right at our front doors (I love it) but since we are suppose to be intelligent beings we know which online shopping we like we don’t need to be bomb barded with flashing miss leading ads, but ok a few suggested shopping web site would not be to bad if they was subtle. To sum up my bitches and grips is if your reading an article your page should not just jump over to a ad page so Yahoo you’ve gotten a bit hostile.

Bad customer support

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Pissed off, What's new

As every one knows I recently purchased a mobility scooter to help me get around town and outside activities which require long standing or walking, on the most part I was happy with the customer support I got and the speedy shipping. I was so pleased with how my purchased was handled that I decided to also purchased a scooter deck and ramp for the back of my truck so I could haul the scooter around along with another accessory item a crutch and cane holder which would be perfect to keep an umbrella in for when it rains, that item mounts on the back of the scooter for easy access. Again I got a speedy delivery on the mobility scooter deck/ramp but no crutch and cane holder, ok so no biggie I called to advise them that I had not gotten the item and they told me that it would be shipped from a different manufacturer and to give it a few days, that made sense so I waited a few more days and a week end before calling them again to advise them that my item did not arrive.  Customer service was busy so they took my phone number and would call me back…they didn’t. My third attempt to get this matter resolved failed as well, I talked to a customer support guy named Dave and he listened to my complaint and said he was going to call the shipper to find out what the problem was and that when he heard from them he would call me back and again they took my phone number but again did not call me back, now I’M MAD! I am talking about 88.00 dollars here, for that accessory item. where do I go from here? this was an online purchase and they got 337.00 dollars total but I only got the one 249.00 dollar scooter ramp.

Steaming mad I am mad as hell

Getting madder by the minute

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Pissed off

I get another email from Conn’s customer service now saying something totally different, a simple exchange I guess is off the table and back to a repair, the email explained that Frigidaire is now researching the availability of parts for a repair and that Conn’s should hear something from them in 24 to 48 hours. What I am going to do now is to simply get my house cool by just going to Home Depot and buy another window unit, go through small claims court to try to just get my money back from Conn’s and hopefully embarrass the hell out of this company in the process and maybe get some of their sales practices changed, but that remains to be seen, but I can always keep the word out about their crappy sales practices. I went yesterday afternoon to buy another window unit but Tammy talked me out of it so today I am going back to Home Depot and buy one anyways the living room was at 83 degrees yesterday and I can’t just let Bones and Tammy’s two dogs suffer with heat any more. I have been living out of my bedroom to stay cool but the poor dogs need to be cool too, and start cooking in the kitchen again instead of cooking out on the grill, yes I love grilled food but not everyday, dam even breakfast heats up the house so THIS HAS GOT TO STOP NOW