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Opinions and Bitterness

Posted: November 21, 2016 in Opinions, Pissed off, Ranting, Sarcasm


November podcast is done Click here to listen

Verizon wireless has screwed up big time and this crap came back to haunt me since October 20, 2016


As you listen to the podcast you can see by this photo what I was most angry about, adding phones lines without my knowledge then trying to charge me for disconnecting them.


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Sharing just got real

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Sarcasm

Coffee cup Yes you read this correctly sharing just got real on my end, people bombard my time line with stupid shit that has no value. Guess what? this is worth 2 cents. Upcoming event: Live chat Thursday all day


 The Alliance:

The expansion of “Warlords of Draenor” must have been with the Horde in mind this time around, I played my alliance character last night and the game play was not so different from what is already in the game Example: a few mentions of the Iron horde but other wise it seemed like an expansion of the outland area called Shattrath. I found myself very bored and unfocused, but I made myself play on until I got my Draeni hunter to Level 92. I do have to admit that the alliance garrison’s are nicer than the horde garrison each player can get as a home base of operations. I won’t be mentioning game play again in the blog but I did want to touch base with my followers who do play the World of Warcraft game as I do. I rag on all kinds of stuff here so this is just another bitch I had to add to my opinions. Happy gaming all and if you have never played but would like to then maybe you should go to the Blizzard web site and give it a try get a free account now 

Reality check

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Sarcasm, WTF?

Eye rolling smile  Ok people it’s time to get a reality check here, I read an article that states the U.S. spy agency has started a facebook and twitter account, I say SO WHAT! ask me if I really care? the answer would be a big NO and it shouldn’t matter to the public either why? question: Do you really think the CIA would really post any thing that really matters to us about what they are doing? and yet with in 90 minutes of their first post they got 84,000 followers. Some one out there must think that a presents on social media will somehow stop criminals from posting illegal shit in a post, first of all only a real dumb ass criminal would post what they are doing or going to do any way right? that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. As far as getting tips or snitches to inform on some one on social media site is another thing stupid if that’s what they are thinking, but I don’t think that is what they have on their mind. In closing on my opinion only post are you people really interested in 10 year old unimportant cases from the CIA? I’M NOT

Right or wrong the death penalty is law but should we have to listen to all the whining about your fears the execution may cause you to suffer? did you think about what you did to your victims and how they suffered? in the most recent events to “so called botched execution” is the event that took place in Oklahoma, if you read the account of what happened you will see clearly that it was not due to the drug cocktail used, it was a blown artery (not the fault of the state) my opinion only is that your punishment should fit your crime, but do I support the death penalty? I’m not sure, but I do sit on the fence. I can’t see paying the bill for you all to live your life in prison either when you gave no thought to the life you was taking. My point here is to say that if you look back at all the records of “so called botched executions” you will clearly see in every case it was not the fault of the drugs used or to any thing the administers of the execution did. In every case I looked up which was 30 of them it was due to bad veins and the lack of good veins to use (that happens in hospitals every day). People forget that the prisoner is not conscious after the first drug is given they go to sleep fast so any reactions they have after that is more of the bodies reactions. Summary: stop all your whining you lily livered poor excuse for humanity and except your fate.


Who remembers back when you visited a web page and it looked like Las Vegas on a Friday night? flashing banners and ads literally dominated the web page with very little content you went searching for? and heaven forbid if you clicked on one, you got sucked into a never ending cycle of ads and hidden malware. Those days went away for a while when ad blockers came out and I was as happy as a lark I could browse a site without all those sales traps. People was making money even if you just clicked on a link and some paid only if you bought something, and the trend is coming back in full force only smarter now. Now those same money grubbing people are watching your browsing history then target ads from that, nothing pisses me off more than going to Amazon only to see ads from what I was just looking at on another web site I go to, frankly it creeps me out then annoys me. I don’t mind an ad on a web page or maybe two ads if it is what the ad says it is but here is what happens, those banner ads are misleading once you get to the site it has nothing to do with how the ad is presented and when you try to leave guess what? you can’t unless you close all your windows, so that is a practice many web masters use so they can lock you in but it is also a hostile web site. I guess the old saying is true about a sucker born every minute, I can’t imagine people really do buy from those ads but it must be a money maker because it is still here and getting back like it used to be only smarter. If I use a free site like this one I know there are ads at times when you view comments and that’s ok with me so far the ads are minimal so I can go with the flow on that but I prefer to pay for ad free web sites and premium email, I will get around to paying this site for ad free pages but for now I’m ok with free. My point is are you really ok with dozens of ads flashing at you while your trying to research material or browsing for information? I say thank goodness that I still have secure content only displayed and some ads are blocked. Before you point this out to me yes I do have three ads on my web site but I have them on a separate page that you never have to see if you don’t go to that page, the ads are just what they say they are not some bogus eye catcher to lure you to something bogus, have I made any money from those ads? NO but I keep them there any way. Until next time all you non readers of this blog it’s been fun but I got to run C YA!

I’m going to stay mad

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm


If you live in or have ever visited south east Texas you know that April can have many weather effects from cold to cool to nice and breezy to down right HOT, HUMID, and CLAMMY which is the case now to just add insult to injury to my defect brand new window air conditioner problem with the store I bought it from problem. Sick of me ragging about it? good because I intend to make sure no one forgets about the crappy sales practices that store has. Oh BTY it is Conn’s I have a good mind to purchase another unit from somewhere else then just taking this to small claims court and getting my 515.00 back plus court cost. No one really ever checks the BBB but I intend to give them a black mark there too with a complaint. It may be legal for Conn’s to make such purchase policies but it’s not a good sales practice to do so. Each of their sales reps need to say at the check out what the returns and lack of exchanges are before they take a customers money.

Here it is April 24, 20 days after my purchase and I still have no resolution to selling me a defective product, first I was told that you can only exchange up to 24 hours and to call their repair center, the repair guys came out on the 15th and said that the compressor had no coolant in it and that’s why the window air conditioner didn’t work, and that they would get another compressor and dryer then return to repair it when the parts came in, the next thing I know after contacting them two more times is that it is in review for an exchange? WTF? why would it have to go up for review and be approved by who knows who before something can be done? this is such total bull shit folks, a brand new product still in the box? what is so hard about being a store that honors their sales? I tell you this now NEVER buy anything from Conn’s

ops sorry late edition edit for spelling errors

I posted a week ago about my large purchases I made at Conn’s on Facebook, however I should have posted here as well, but gave a benefit of a doubt to the company. On April 4, 2014 I made a large purchase of a refrigerator and a large window air conditioner and the store delivered them to my home but did not install them, it was just a drop off which I had to pay for BTY, the window unit sat in front of the window to be installed in on the floor still in the box until April 10th then installed that day, it did not cool but it was to late in the day to call the store back so I called Conn’s back the next morning which was April 11, 2014. I was told by the manager that there are no returns or exchanges after 24 hours of purchase and that I would have to call their repair service and the matter was out of his hands. (I got the impression of “Kiss our ass sucker it’s your problem now”)

I wait 4 days for the repair service to come out to take a look at my brand new purchase only to find out there was no coolant in the compressor and the repair guy says he will have to order a new compressor and dryer for the unit. The weather has now warmed up making the living room temp to about 79 to 80 and heaven forbid don’t cook in the kitchen that’s even worse. Here it is April 22, 2014 and I still have not got to enjoy spending my cash money. Anyone who knows me personally already knows what comes today during business hours today, I will act like a crazy person on the phone if I have to but someone will hear what I have to say today!

I don't know smile You will have to read this article in order to understand my opinions on this post, if I had been 9 years old and in that school I’ll admit I would have snickered and laughed behind the kids back but I would not have bullied him or let him see me snicker and laugh I would have waited till I was alone with my group of friends then made my comments to them, the group could then voice their opinions to go along with me or not it would be their choice. Ok I was a real shit starter way back then, I’m not proud of that now and would in no way encourage any child to act like that but lets get real here kids do it every day, that’s just being part of growing up I think. (not the bullying but snickers behind the back thing), then Tammy comes in my room to talk to me before going to work and she says “I would have beat the hell out of them with the My Little Pony bag” then the next day there would be no bullies. I have to admit I think she might have been right, but then that opens another can of worms of fighting on the school campus. Ok my thinking is flawed and twisted but kids have to find ways to settle this their way other wise how will they learn from the school of hard knocks right? NOTE: I am trying to write this from a 9 year olds perspective but I think Tammy was right, the kid should have stood bold and ready for any thing, not throw the first punch but I would have thrown the last one and ended this bullying