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My opinions on this article

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Opinions, Sarcasm

Read this article then you will have a better understanding of what I am commenting about, first off how does a woman ever let a man no matter who or what he may be force them to do anything? are most women that insecure to obey without protest? and since when would a woman captain in the army have no grit to earn her rank? if a relationship was causing so much emotional distress why not just tell the man to F off. Should she now sue in court? I think not! let’s debate this Thumbs up

Who me? Not long ago a long time acquaintance told me that she had a great job and loved going to work and when a friend of hers needed a job she got her friend to come to her job and apply, so he did and was hired on as an employee. Some time went by and my acquaintance found out that she was getting a referral check from her company which is always good for any one who gets some extra money. A few days went by and this friend of my acquaintance said to her that he wanted half of the bonus check.  How rude! WTF?

If you want my advice here it is, that friend of yours should be grateful for his job, jobs are not easy to come by these days and he should be glad you didn’t charge him a finders fee, you owe him nothing, enjoy your bonus check.

What’s not funny

Posted: October 11, 2013 in General, Opinions, Sarcasm

Starting a paragraph off with a question is just bad form and not proper at all right? if I do not ask I can’t get to my topic so here is my question. Is it just me or is the daily comics strips not funny any more? example is today’s Garfield

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Not funny to me so is it just me? it looks more like the creator had a guilty conscience to me or is just simply out of fresh ideas for being cute or funny.