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What’s new in the news

Posted: September 23, 2016 in General, What's new

oldlady2Top News story

One of the world’s largest package delivery companies is stepping up efforts to integrate drones into its system.
UPS has partnered with robot-maker CyPhy Works to test the use of drones to make commercial deliveries to remote or difficult-to-access locations.
The companies began testing the drones on Thursday, when they launched one from the seaside town of Marblehead. The drone flew on a programmed route for 3 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to deliver an inhaler at Children’s Island.
The successful landing was greeted by jubilant shouts from CyPhy Works and UPS employees on the island to witness the test.


Top Tech story

Japanese regulators are considering taking action against Apple Inc over possible antitrust violations that may have helped it dominate the nation’s smartphone sales, government sources said, a move that could hit the company’s profit margins in one of its most profitable markets.


Joke of the day

Tom and his boss

In the morning Tom calls to his boss:
– Good morning, boss, unfortunately I’m not coming to work today. I’m really sick. I got a headache, stomach ache, and both hands and legs hurt, so I’m not coming into work."
The boss replies:
– You know Tom, I really need you today. When I feel like this I go to my wife, and tell her to give me sex. That makes me feel better, and I can go to work. You should try that.
2 hours later Bob calls:
– Boss, I followed your advise, and I feel great! I’ll be at work soon. By the way, you got nice house.

What’s your opinion?

Addictive television series

Posted: March 6, 2015 in General, What's new


There are two note worthy television series that are addictive once you start watching them, if you have not started watching them I suggest that you start. The first series is 12 Monkeys which airs on Syfy channel, and the second series started last night on USA channel which is Dig.

Discuss them here I would love to hear your opinions on each of them and tell me what you think the content means to you in relation to a real life scenario. Both of these series does make you brain go into over drive.  The choices are 12 Monkeys and Dig if you are a TWC customer you can catch up on the 12 Monkeys and Dig with On Demand for free to all TWC customers.


Yahoo news is the only article on the Tracy Morgan crash that explains more in detail truthfully, and I say thank you for that. Other headlines read negative, for example: Feds say trucker in Morgan crash was speeding, response is truthfully yes he was, but they wanted the public to focus on that one factor, (in reality every one else was more than likely speeding too, and when traffic slowed it started a chain of events). Another example of headlines are: Drivers hours are under review in fatal turnpike crash and the last headline reads Trucker in Morgan crash hadn’t slept. I am going to insert parts of the article here then explain what I would have done and more than likely the driver did the same thing but I can’t swear to that since each driver does their own thing when it comes to multiple stop off, but a smart driver I think would do.

Before I insert a part of the article let me say that multiple stop offs NEVER go as scheduled:  “The report also detailed driver’s schedule on the day leading up to the crash, from when he left a Wal-Mart facility in Smyrna, Delaware, at about 11:30 a.m. before making stops in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Just after midnight on June 7 he left Bristol, Pennsylvania, en route to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, when the crash happened about 30 minutes into his trip.” Ok folks look at the times here he started about 11:30 a.m he made multiple stops until just after midnight, any driver with an IQ of 70 knows stop offs don’t go as planned right? the hours it took to make those stop offs was about 11 1/2 hours so IF IT WAS ME I would log 15 minutes of load or unload which ever the case is then jump in the sleeper for a cat nap, drive to next stop off and do the same thing, that way when I left for the last stop shortly after midnight I would have at least had naps in between the stops, have just enough time on hours of service to get to final stop off then log off for 10 hours of sleep at final destination. BUT if I ran out of hours of service before I got to final destination then the final stop would have to be rescheduled no ifs ands or buts, load planners hate that but hay that’s the life of a truck driver, you have to cover your ass because dispatch and load planners will throw you to the wolves. Use the hours of service to your advantage to get the rest you need and screw every one else because it’s your ass on the line not theirs. NOTE: He had logged 9 hours and 37 minutes of driving time, that is NOT enough time to make his final stop off with the minutes he had left to drive but it does show in approx 11 1/2 hours time he could have had a tiny cat nap but most importantly he should have gotten to a service plaza on the turnpike then went to bed and screw the final stop off, I would have done that just to piss dispatch and load planners off, but then that’s me right? with the hours of service on your side they dare not threaten my job because I was looking for a job when I found that one right? but companies know when they got a good safe driver so job security is a plus. I feel bad for that Wall Mart driver but he should have been watching his own ass, but the media should not give a bad impression on all truck drivers.

Last but not least the driver would have had 10 hours of sleep on his logs before starting that fatal day

In response to the findings, the Teamsters Union urged Congress not to ease laws that limit truck drivers to 60 to 70 hours of work each week. The Senate is considering a resolution that would extend the maximum to 80 hours per week. The solution from a 70 hour work week to 80 hours a week is to much, a better solution is simply pay more money for a decent living, if freight is more important than the driver and the lives of others then put your freight on a rail car then go screw yourself.

What no comments yet?

Posted: June 13, 2014 in What's new

Clock I’m waiting and watching for the grill cheese sandwich challenge, I can’t believe how people have forgotten how to blog I’m sad people really sad over this get your grill cheese sandwich on then tell me about it.

Grill cheese sandwich challenge

Posted: June 12, 2014 in What's new

Plate Think you have cornered the market on making the best grilled cheese sandwich? tell me about why you think you make the best grill cheese sandwich and how you make it, I will then on a later post start a poll with all the reply names so others can voice who they think makes the best grill cheese sandwich, America’s favorite comfort food.

Bad customer support

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Pissed off, What's new

As every one knows I recently purchased a mobility scooter to help me get around town and outside activities which require long standing or walking, on the most part I was happy with the customer support I got and the speedy shipping. I was so pleased with how my purchased was handled that I decided to also purchased a scooter deck and ramp for the back of my truck so I could haul the scooter around along with another accessory item a crutch and cane holder which would be perfect to keep an umbrella in for when it rains, that item mounts on the back of the scooter for easy access. Again I got a speedy delivery on the mobility scooter deck/ramp but no crutch and cane holder, ok so no biggie I called to advise them that I had not gotten the item and they told me that it would be shipped from a different manufacturer and to give it a few days, that made sense so I waited a few more days and a week end before calling them again to advise them that my item did not arrive.  Customer service was busy so they took my phone number and would call me back…they didn’t. My third attempt to get this matter resolved failed as well, I talked to a customer support guy named Dave and he listened to my complaint and said he was going to call the shipper to find out what the problem was and that when he heard from them he would call me back and again they took my phone number but again did not call me back, now I’M MAD! I am talking about 88.00 dollars here, for that accessory item. where do I go from here? this was an online purchase and they got 337.00 dollars total but I only got the one 249.00 dollar scooter ramp.

Steaming mad I am mad as hell

Problem almost resolved

Posted: April 30, 2014 in What's new

Fingers crossed I heard from Conn’s customer support yesterday afternoon via email and by phone that an exchange on the air conditioner was now approved and that I should contact the store to make the arrangements to make the exchange which is what I will do today. The only thing is that on Monday I went to Home Depot on Monday and had already purchased and installed another window air conditioner unit, ok not really a problem but now I have to decide how to get my money back on the one I will exchange, I guess I could always advertise it in the paper and sell it but I really don’t think I will get my full money back. No biggie I can always figure out what to do next once I get the exchange made but I will however make them hook it up and test it before I leave the store since it was not really the stores fault that the unit did not work it was Frigidaire’s manufacturing, the sales practices of the store caused such a long delay in getting the problem resolved so I count it a joint fault between the manufacture and store.

I posted a week ago about my large purchases I made at Conn’s on Facebook, however I should have posted here as well, but gave a benefit of a doubt to the company. On April 4, 2014 I made a large purchase of a refrigerator and a large window air conditioner and the store delivered them to my home but did not install them, it was just a drop off which I had to pay for BTY, the window unit sat in front of the window to be installed in on the floor still in the box until April 10th then installed that day, it did not cool but it was to late in the day to call the store back so I called Conn’s back the next morning which was April 11, 2014. I was told by the manager that there are no returns or exchanges after 24 hours of purchase and that I would have to call their repair service and the matter was out of his hands. (I got the impression of “Kiss our ass sucker it’s your problem now”)

I wait 4 days for the repair service to come out to take a look at my brand new purchase only to find out there was no coolant in the compressor and the repair guy says he will have to order a new compressor and dryer for the unit. The weather has now warmed up making the living room temp to about 79 to 80 and heaven forbid don’t cook in the kitchen that’s even worse. Here it is April 22, 2014 and I still have not got to enjoy spending my cash money. Anyone who knows me personally already knows what comes today during business hours today, I will act like a crazy person on the phone if I have to but someone will hear what I have to say today!


It’s the ultimate in going green. An environmental science professor is making a 33-square-foot dumpster his new home for the next year.
His name is Dr. Jeff Wilson, but since embarking on this journey, he’s now going by Professor Dumpster.
He teaches at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard.
The goal is to embrace energy efficiency, and to prove that it is possible to live on a smaller scale – a much smaller scale.
This whole project revolves around using one percent of what an average American uses: one percent of the water, energy and waste.

Last night was the first night in his new home. Wilson says that in this phase of the project, the only thing he has to keep him warm during the cold Texas nights is his sleeping bag.
He’s embracing the simplicity, and welcoming the changes that will come in the next year of the project. Instead of being strapped down to expensive monthly rent, he’ll be a homeowner with his mortgage paid off.
But dumpster living comes with challenges, like walking a mile down the hill to the town lake for water.
The outlook is positive, though. Wilson says in six months he hopes to have things like an air conditioner and an X-box. A shower, a toilet and even WiFi is in the works, too.

Thinking about quitting your job? A humorous new app aims to relieve the stress and anxiety of confronting the boss with the news by sending a text message instead. The Quit Your Job app takes users through a series of steps to determine why they are leaving and then crafts a text message that is sent directly to their boss. Although the new iPhone app is meant to be funny, its creators are hoping it will take off and people will use it to leave jobs.