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Who remembers back when you visited a web page and it looked like Las Vegas on a Friday night? flashing banners and ads literally dominated the web page with very little content you went searching for? and heaven forbid if you clicked on one, you got sucked into a never ending cycle of ads and hidden malware. Those days went away for a while when ad blockers came out and I was as happy as a lark I could browse a site without all those sales traps. People was making money even if you just clicked on a link and some paid only if you bought something, and the trend is coming back in full force only smarter now. Now those same money grubbing people are watching your browsing history then target ads from that, nothing pisses me off more than going to Amazon only to see ads from what I was just looking at on another web site I go to, frankly it creeps me out then annoys me. I don’t mind an ad on a web page or maybe two ads if it is what the ad says it is but here is what happens, those banner ads are misleading once you get to the site it has nothing to do with how the ad is presented and when you try to leave guess what? you can’t unless you close all your windows, so that is a practice many web masters use so they can lock you in but it is also a hostile web site. I guess the old saying is true about a sucker born every minute, I can’t imagine people really do buy from those ads but it must be a money maker because it is still here and getting back like it used to be only smarter. If I use a free site like this one I know there are ads at times when you view comments and that’s ok with me so far the ads are minimal so I can go with the flow on that but I prefer to pay for ad free web sites and premium email, I will get around to paying this site for ad free pages but for now I’m ok with free. My point is are you really ok with dozens of ads flashing at you while your trying to research material or browsing for information? I say thank goodness that I still have secure content only displayed and some ads are blocked. Before you point this out to me yes I do have three ads on my web site but I have them on a separate page that you never have to see if you don’t go to that page, the ads are just what they say they are not some bogus eye catcher to lure you to something bogus, have I made any money from those ads? NO but I keep them there any way. Until next time all you non readers of this blog it’s been fun but I got to run C YA!

I don't know smile I started my day by catching up on the news, boy was that ever a mistake sometimes I think no news is better than news. Depressing news like a mother confesses to killing 6 of 7 new born babies shortly after birth the seventh she says was still born, stores them in boxes in her garage, how sick is that right? very disturbing. Then I move on to an earth quake alert in of all places Oklahoma strange but true. My list goes on but I really want to just brush off this feeling of doom and go find something with some good news in it and yes I already know that Jesus loves me which is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, but I was thinking some thing physical like a great sale so I can go shopping and buy stuff, buy some thing for myself just because I want to. Until next time all you non readers of this blog have a better day than I have so far.

Some things best left unsaid

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Opinions, WTF?


 The first lady tours China and says this so what the hell is she thinking? she didn’t say any thing that the students in China or everyone for that matter doesn’t already know, but speaking out loud and in public is never a good idea in China, it’s not our place to go there and talk about freedom of speech. Online information should be for all, but to be honest the best hackers are believed to be in China so I think computer users in China do know how to get information they need rather it be for study, business, etc. I’m not against hacking, I am against destructive hacking, but that is another topic for another day.

I got the impression of the first lady as an air head who should have stayed home, maybe I am reading the article and seeing what I wanted to see in it rather than what it really says, you can always tell me I am totally wrong, I just think this topic was not a good choice to speak about to the students in China. My opinion but then opinions are like assholes every one has one.

Who me? Not long ago a long time acquaintance told me that she had a great job and loved going to work and when a friend of hers needed a job she got her friend to come to her job and apply, so he did and was hired on as an employee. Some time went by and my acquaintance found out that she was getting a referral check from her company which is always good for any one who gets some extra money. A few days went by and this friend of my acquaintance said to her that he wanted half of the bonus check.  How rude! WTF?

If you want my advice here it is, that friend of yours should be grateful for his job, jobs are not easy to come by these days and he should be glad you didn’t charge him a finders fee, you owe him nothing, enjoy your bonus check.

It’s cold outside again what gives?

Posted: March 3, 2014 in WTF?


It’s cold outside again this morning, what’s up with this weather pattern? shouldn’t spring be in the air and all that stuff?





This week’s forecast



The top is where I am and the bottom is where I am glad I am not this week


It’s the ultimate in going green. An environmental science professor is making a 33-square-foot dumpster his new home for the next year.
His name is Dr. Jeff Wilson, but since embarking on this journey, he’s now going by Professor Dumpster.
He teaches at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard.
The goal is to embrace energy efficiency, and to prove that it is possible to live on a smaller scale – a much smaller scale.
This whole project revolves around using one percent of what an average American uses: one percent of the water, energy and waste.

Last night was the first night in his new home. Wilson says that in this phase of the project, the only thing he has to keep him warm during the cold Texas nights is his sleeping bag.
He’s embracing the simplicity, and welcoming the changes that will come in the next year of the project. Instead of being strapped down to expensive monthly rent, he’ll be a homeowner with his mortgage paid off.
But dumpster living comes with challenges, like walking a mile down the hill to the town lake for water.
The outlook is positive, though. Wilson says in six months he hopes to have things like an air conditioner and an X-box. A shower, a toilet and even WiFi is in the works, too.

London firefighters have launched a public shaming campaign to stem the rise of locals summoning urgent help to remove foreign objects stuck on or inside  their bodies, but the kinky topic is so taboo in America some top U.S. emergency workers won’t discuss the behavior.

Except in Los Angeles: 911 operators do receive a small number of sexually bizarre rescue pleas and do dispatch ambulances, including instances in which they must assist men with heavy steel rings lodged around their private parts. Officials at other emergency agencies struggled to answer if  as in London they have marked an uptick in the rate of 911 calls or ER visits from Americans with foreign objects wedged into their rectums or folks with sensitive body parts jammed into kitchen appliances or other embarrassing orifices.

“I’m just not sure where to go with this.”

But in London, fire officials aren’t holding their tongues about how they must perform tasks like freeing a man’s penis from a vacuum cleaner, theorizing that an increase in such randy rescue calls in that city is perhaps propelled by the popularity of the erotic romance novel "Fifty Shades of Grey." 

CBS late night talk show host David Letterman heard about the issue and decided Wednesday to "Thoughts Going Through The Mind Of The Guy Who Had Sex With A Toaster." "Boy, I mean I can think of maybe a dozen things around the house I’d pick before the toaster, just off the top of my head," Letterman said. "But that’s just me. I mean, everybody has different tastes." Personal note: Ok so this morning I was inspired by similar news articles and Tweets by the London fire brigade and Bill Briggs

Nightmare on Adams street

Posted: September 2, 2013 in WTF?

This was a nightmare week for me, on Monday 9/26/2013 a young man of 19 was murdered 50 feet from my bedroom. On august 28, 2013 my daddy died and I began not sleeping, I think I have had maybe 9 hours of sleep since Monday.

Now here is where my story takes a turn for the worst, My sister which is the oldest and her husband finally arrive a day and a half later and I go over to greet them as they get out of the car, my mind is already in a major brain fart and the brother in law starts asking me questions about finding the list of names and phone numbers daddy had so I could call some of the people on it (there was no list only 16 pcs of scraps of paper with scribbled names and phone numbers on them) he talks so fast and changes subjects all in a span of 25 seconds and my mind which is in a major brain fart has to think a minute before I get the right answer but in the mean time he gets a bit snippy so yes I said “yes I called the uncle in question and then said “what do you think I am stupid or something?” that is BUTTON # 1 pushed with me.

The story gets worse from there, we sit down and I am trying to catch my sister up with all the details and the brother in law keeps talking over me so I have to talk louder so she can hear me, then the brother in law starts making comments that sounds something like this “I think your making stuff up dad wouldn’t say something like that” BUTTON # 2 just got pushed! being the person that I am and being annoyed I turned to him and said “you need to stay out of this because it is about me and my sister so shut the fuck up.

All hell breaks lose at this point, the brother in law says “I am more family than you will ever be OH HELL NO! I lost it at this point this fight is ON I said plenty and so did he, then I said to my sister she needed to get in the real world and tell her husband to butt out and to stop being so wimpy by letting him get away with his shit. NOW I’M the bad guy because I made my sister cry to add insult to injury they then go around telling every one that I came over there as they arrived just to start a fight and never telling what started it in the first place. They have made me feel invisible this whole time right down to the funeral director at the arrangements being made, yes I know the oldest is the one who should handle most things, but to come in there and insist on all his mail, credit cards and taking over as if I was some dumb ass is just plain rude with no regard to my feelings what so ever and start throwing out daddy’s things just didn’t feel right to me he was not even in the ground yet.

My daddy bought me a house to live in when I moved here and I was taking care of him, his eye sight was failing and he needed someone to help him, he did this because he signed his house over to be held when he had to place my mother in a nursing home and he knew that when he passed the state would take his house to recover money that they paid in Medicaid for my mothers nursing home care and he wanted to do this so I would have a home no one could take away from me, he then told his brother why he did it and a few others so they too would know, besides what daddy did with his money while he was alive and of sound mind is no ones business any ways I NEVER ask him for any thing he gave it freely.

My sister thinks it is unfair that I got a house long before his death, and that I am taking his pick up truck and I should get half of what ever is left after all his bills and expenses are paid and yes maybe it is a bit unfair but my house was a loving gift from daddy. A GIFT not part of his estate, the estate is what assets he has at time of death am I right? if I am wrong then someone tell me so.

I will say this again yes maybe I did get more from my daddy than my sister but I never ask daddy for anything and he loved it that I was finally where I could be home and stable without having to drive the big rig and be on the road all the time. There is no room for jealousy and that’s what this all boils down to pure and simple so all I can say is GET OVER IT!

Do I expect things to go as they should? NO do I really care? NO if it don’t the fight will on again, will I be the bad guy? YES will I win? YES