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pig_storyAfter escaping a livestock auction house and likely a grisly fate, a New York state pig is adjusting well to his new luxurious lifestyle. “He likes what he likes,” the young pig discovered roaming the streets of Unadilla, New York, near a livestock auction house last month. These days, Myles’ likes include going for walks (he has a harness), eating yogurt and expressing disdain for most vegetables.

“He’s very sassy,” Insinga said, adding that he’s apt to throw a “fit” when he can’t have exactly what he wants. “He likes mushroom pizza,” she told local news station WBNG. “He loves crackers. Anything with carbs, he loves.” Not long ago, Myles didn’t have it so cushy. Insinga had heard from a friend in mid-December that a pig was on the sidewalk not far from her house, which is located near a livestock auction house.