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BB108fOIFor many people, their morning cup (or three) of coffee is prime motivation to get out of bed it gives you an energy boost, it tastes good, and the ritual of sipping from your favorite mug sets the tone for the day. But then you make another cup, and soon enough, it’s time for your afternoon Starbucks to ward off the 4 p.m. yawns…

If that sounds familiar, 85 percent of Americans are right there with you enjoying their caffeine. Even though drinking coffee isn’t necessarily bad for you in fact, it has some health benefits there is such a thing as sipping too much java. Caffeine is still a drug, and over-consuming can trigger adverse reactions in your body.

Kelli McGrane RD, for the calorie counting app Lose It!, reveals five signs of excessive coffee consumption. If you’re experiencing them, consider this your wakeup call that maybe it’s time to cut back. And, to keep the rest of your habits in check.


chickory_plantIf you’ve ever had the experience of drinking chicory coffee (and chances are, you were in New Orleans when you drank it), you might’ve had to wonder just exactly what chicory even is. For the record, chicory is this pretty flowering plant.

But underneath the plant is its root, and that’s the stuff that we’re going to talk about today. The root is what gets roasted and ground to be brewed with coffee in some parts of the world.

But how and why does this stuff end up in our coffee? It’s all rooted (pun not intended) in world history, a little bit of tradition and a whole lot of politics and economic hardships. For most of our coffee-drinking past, the addictive caffeinated beverage has been expensive. There weren’t always Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts competing on every street corner. Sometimes coffee was scarce — especially if a major port was blocked for political reasons.