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How well do you remember 1999?

Posted: July 17, 2019 in Did you know?

1999Simple math reminds us that 1999 was only two decades ago. But, if we’re honest, it simultaneously seems so much closer and so much farther away than that. On the one hand, the advent of technology, makes ‘99 feel light-years away (remember, in 1999 the internet was just truly beginning, while today most of us carry it around in our pockets).

There is a lot of nostalgia for 1999, especially among millennia’s, for whom it marks the end of the “good old days.” There’s also no denying that much of what came out of the ‘90s had a major effect on pop culture and society as a whole. The music, style, and breaking news of that decade continue to inform and inspire.

To see just how well you remember the last year of the 20th century, Stacker rounded up some of the biggest events of 1999, from the Y2K scare and President Bill Clinton’s acquittal on two articles of impeachment to the premiere of "SpongeBob Square Pants" and Pokémon fever. Using data from various sources I’ve created a unique list of political, cultural, and technological occurrences and achievements as well as year-defining statistics and memorable incidents.

Read on to test your knowledge and find out how well you truly remember 1999.