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Posted: January 5, 2017 in Oddball stuff

Autopsy set for mummified body found in Detroit garage

oddnewsA mummified body found face down in the back seat of a car in a Detroit garage will be examined by a specialist to determine age, gender and cause of death. An autopsy by a University of Michigan anthropologist is set for Tuesday. The body was discovered by a man interested in buying the property. He spotted it in a car. Authorities describe the remains as a skeleton dressed in pants, shirt and a sweater. Police say tenants who lived at the home told officers they never entered the garage because the property owner told them they couldn’t use it.

Woman gives birth during auto shop oil change

Some auto shops offer 10-minute oil change service. That still would have been about seven minutes too long for a Pennsylvania woman who gave birth while the oil in her husband’s pickup was being changed at an auto dealership.

Akron home sells for $1 under Ohio’s new public auction law

A vacant 92-year-old bungalow in Akron sold at a sheriff’s sale last month for just $1, a price made possible by a revision of Ohio law governing public auctions last year. The home is the first to sell so cheaply in Summit County since the passing of House Bill 390 last summer. Under the new law, vacant homes can now be sold for less than two-thirds of their appraised value at public auctions across Ohio. The "fast-track foreclosure bill" also decreases the time abandoned properties are wrapped up in foreclosure suits to as little as six months, before they can attract a criminal element or deteriorate further.

Records show that no one challenged Citizens Bank’s winning $1 bid.